The story of how Hoquiam WA made its name today bring back history when it was still a dense forest and so rich in natural resources. The vast forest of Hoquiam was its main asset that made this place a very progressive one without jeopardizing the beauty of Mother Earth. That is how protective the people are in this place. It is because they were part and parcel in making Hoquiam a better place to live.

The name Hoquiam means hungry for wood which was named by the native Indians who were the first settlers of this place. The river beside the forest was also named Hoquiam River. Progress came into existence when the white settlers came into the picture. They made fine woods out of those great trees which catered employment to the populace. Logging then became the major industry of Hoquiam.

The story of the people of Hoquiam caught the attention of many tourists who came to Hoquiam WA had great admiration of how this little city came to existence. It is a fact that the events that was set by the people of Hoquiam was to commemorate the golden days of their people and at the same to attract tourists which added to their income.

The yearly festival so called ‘loggers Play day and other important event s were internationally known making a record for the people of Hoquiam. The popularity of their little town became more visible when writers took notice of them and wrote their own stories and to those who have witnessed their activities.

The Polson’s Family was one among those who became more powerful in this venture. They have put up two (2) sawmills and one (1) shingle mill. In fact, they had built 2 grand mansions in the area one of which was preserved as the Polson museum and was made as National Registries Historical Place. The Polson’s likewise had acquired 2o logging camps and construction camps, 100 miles of railroad and a vast series of valuable logging equipments than can produce 300 million feet of logs every year. Alex Polson then made Hoquiam his home since then. Soaring high in the lumber and logging business, they expanded further in real estate business.

In 1891, the lumber barons came into an agreement to merge their logging business between the Lytle Brothers and the Polson Brothers Logging Company. After twelve consecutive years, Merrill and Ring Corporation also affiliated with them making a one big powerful logging concession in the name of Polson Logging Company.

The Polson’s Family then became the most powerful lumber magnate in Hoquiam and Grays Harbor region. Despite of this, there were still other 300 separate individuals who still did the same business massively. This simply means that the forest of Hoquiam was more than enough for the people to have a more decent livelihood which they owed so much from its rich forest.

There are various information and documented records of the past declaring the facts about Hoquiams logging and lumber past events. Those who can read about their wealth of information send us their unique history on how those lumber barons became powerful which had also contributed to the peoples way of living which had been their pride. In fact, a yearly festival for lumberjacks is held to commemorate their glorious past.

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