Numerous Pluses Of Clients Understanding Why You Should Choose Wood Windows Rather Then PVCu Windows

Traditional wooden frames have really become less popular while the plastic style is gaining in popularity. Many folks have run towards the plastic frames because they have a lower cost to install initially. One of the main reasons why you should choose wood windows rather then PVCu windows is that the former are made from highly durable timber and have been common in homes since the 1800s.

One reason that you really ought to choose timber is for its attractive appearance. Wooden installations have an aesthetic appeal that the plastic, plastic frames just cannot provide. They have a very classic look that compliments both the interior and the exterior of many homes.

Your home’s resale value could be higher when you have great looking timber frames throughout the home. Keep that in mind when replacing your installation, because you should always be considering the future market value of your current home if you plan on selling someday. Timber frames are designed to expand and contract with varying weather conditions and temperatures so they really hold up well over time.

Although the retailers and manufacturers of plastic models want you to believe that you need the double paned window for energy saving purposes, it can be just as environmentally friendly to have well maintained timber frames. Plastic allows for rusting and can easily become damaged at any time. The cost to replace a plastic PVCu frame is actually more than the cost to repair a timber framed sash window.

Plastic or PVCu ones have to have parts replaced over the years which is never a concern with the timber frames. Timber has been used for centuries for good reason and that is because it is highly durable and effective. A PVC frame is a relatively new item in home construction and although it may be cheaper, it is also of cheaper quality too.

Many people will still look into the plastic frames based off of the lower initial costs but that would be a mistake when you actually consider the frequency of repairs and the higher cost of total replacement. With a sash window that has a timber frame, you can easily replace a bad part without having to take out the entire window and do a total replacement. Plastic ones are just not going to the better option for the long term.

Plastic frames constructed out of the PVCu material do not have the same opening and closing function that the timber sash windows have. Instead of sliding up and down, they will have a pivot motion. This can end up being very awkward to deal with and it may be unattractive or intrusive to the room or the space.

Sash versions have a reputation for being expensive to install and also expensive to repair. They do offer up so many fine benefits to homeowners and they will be your best option if you have to do a repair or a total replacement. You will definitely find it easy to understand why you should choose wood windows rather then PVCu windows when you see just how nice they look from both the interior and the exterior of your home.

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