Moroccan Style Living Room

A Moroccan style living room reflects Morocco’s rich culture in its alluring interior design style. It is characterized by vibrant colors and exquisite furnishings. A living room can be inspired by this North African country through the addition of a Moroccan flair to the home. The transformation of a living area to a lavish desert tent can be achieved with jewel-toned fabrics draped loosely over the walls.

There is no limit to the attention given to detail when it comes to a exotic Moroccan style living room. Plaster ceilings are embellished with an amber chandelier and Moorish symbols. Finishing touches is what Moroccan interior design is all about. Every light fixture, every tile is each given appropriate attention.

A hallmark feature of a Moroccan style living room is intricate tile work. This intricacy is found everywhere from floors to walls to tabletops. Zillij is a traditional Moroccan tiling style, consisting of numerous small tiles grouped together to form vibrant geometric patterns.

Bold patterns are normal features in a Moroccan style living room. Moroccan interior design use patterns that resemble the dramatic arches prevalent in Moroccan architecture. Drawing inspiration from the captivating architecture of the country is often reflected in Moroccan furnishings.

A Moroccan style living room cannot do without its own version of art works. The distinctive furniture of this northern African country is intricately carved and hand painted in elaborate motifs. They are well known for their unparalleled artisanship and strict attention to detail.

A Moroccan style living room can also be a relaxing lounge. It can exude comfort and luxury by layering it with plush rugs and draped fabrics as well as pillows and cushions in abundance. A custom made corner bed scattered with pillows provide an invitation for sitting back and unwinding. The exotic ambience of the room can be enhanced with a brass chandelier and an oversized inlaid mirror.

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