Modern Toilet And Dual Flush Toilet Designs

From the simple, no-frills outhouse of yesteryears, the modern toilet has travelled a long way. Available in a huge variety of fashions and styles, toilets range from a basic shape most homes have to ornate, carved and painted throne-like edifices to models coming straight from science fiction novel pages.

There is no other way to describe the progress of the throne-like modern toilet other than its happening in leaps and bounds. Technologies such as water-saving devices, built-in bidets and other mod cons are now part and parcel of the newer toilet models. Aesthetics and budget prove to be the two major basis people use in the selection of the household toilet.

The modern toilet now consists of low flow cisterns that outperform older styles which used to be sources of multiple flushing issues and clogging horror stories. There is a prevalence of four to five star WELS rated toilets on the market today. Dual flush toilets are even mandatory in most states.

The dual flush toilet has been available for over thirty years now. It has undergone radical changes in its transformation into one of the most water efficient devices of the modern world. Invented by Bruce Thompson in 1980, the first dual flush system released 11 litres on full flush and 5.5 litres on half flush.

Used correctly, a dual flush toilet provides a significant amount of savings in water consumption. People must always bear in mind to press the half flush button for liquid waste and the full flush button, only for solid waste. Pressing the full flush button for all kinds of waste goes contrary to the design of the toilet.

As aforementioned above, the first dual flush toilet released 11 litres on full flush and 5.5 litres on half flush. Today, a dual flush toilet releases just 4.5 litres on full and 3 litres on half. Subject to federal government rules and regulations, dual flush toilets are given star ratings depending on how water efficient they are.

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