Memory Care: How To Help A Loved One With Dementia

While caring for a loved one can be rewarding, it also can be very difficult to provide care if your loved one has some type of dementia or Alzheimer\’s disease. Your loved one might have trouble remembering you or remembering many details of daily life. Confusion, anxiety, anger and depression are quite common, and this can be tough for a caregiver to handle. However, there are a few strategies that seem to help make life run more smoothly for both you and your loved one. In addition, there are facilities for assisted living in or near San Diego that specialize in offering memory care for their residents and this can be an excellent option if caregiving has become too hard to manage.

People with any type of dementia obviously become confused and disoriented easily, and they do not tend to handle stress well. One way to help a person with dementia is to keep daily life as simple and straightforward as possible. Keep the house clean and clutter free, provide them with easy tasks to complete and avoid crowded or loud situations. Design a simple daily schedule so that your loved one knows what to expect throughout the day. Make sure the person doesn\’t have to deal with tasks such as paying bills or taking on responsibility for complicated tasks. At a community for assisted living in San Diego, the memory care facilities will be designed to be as stress-free as possible, which is one reason to consider this option.

It\’s unlikely that a person with a type of dementia can continue with a regular job and sometimes it\’s tough for them to handle paying bills or maintaining a home. However, there are plenty of tasks that your loved one can still handle and it\’s a good idea to provide a few daily jobs. A person can help sort and fold laundry, help prepare part of lunch or dinner, create a beautiful table setting, read to a grandchild, brush the dog or even head outside and sweep, rake leaves or pull weeds. People enjoy being useful, and a person with dementia needs both encouragement and praise. Activity also can lessen stress and improve cognitive focus. At an assisted living home in San Diego there will be specially designed activities that keep residents engaged and focused and entertained.

It\’s true that losing memories is very painful for both the person with dementia and his or her loved ones. Still, the most difficult aspect of dementia is often the changes in behavior. A person who previously was quite pleasant might become irritable or even very angry and sometimes even abusive with their loved ones. As unpleasant as this is, it\’s not atypical and some strategies often used at memory care facilities include using a quiet, calm voice when dealing with an issue. Changing the subject or providing a distraction also can help. Consider finding something pleasant to focus on, such as eating a meal or going for a walk or a drive.

Personality changes aside, it\’s often safety that is the biggest concern for caregivers. Your loved one with dementia might leave home and walk away, confused about time and place. Also, if they are ill or hurt, they can forget what to do in an emergency. Sometimes, a person might forget about food that is cooking in the oven or on the stove or leave water running for hours. Many people do consider assisted living for these reasons alone, they simply feel safer if their loved one is living in a memory care facility. With staff around throughout the day and night, this can be safer and even make your loved one feel safer, which can reduce stress.

There are many facilities for assisted living in San Diego, and before you pick a facility, you will want to review several different ones and talk to both residents and staff. Sample the food, look at the apartments, discuss activities and what is included in the monthly fees. It can take time to select the ideal facility for your loved one, but an eldercare referral service can help you identify several options that suit your budget and your needs. Once a decision is made, it also takes time for a person to adjust to this huge change. You can make it easier by decorating the small apartment with familiar items such as a comfortable chair, bedding and quilts from home, plenty of family pictures and a few other familiar items.

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