Manual or Electric Roller Shutters: Which is Right for You?

Roller shutters in Sydney provides a variety of options. You can choose what type of roller shutters you want, where you want it, and you can even customize its color and design to match the overall style of your house. But before having the roller shutters installed, it is very crucial to choose the right type that would suit your budget and preference.

Before making any decision in terms of design, the first step should be to choose between a manual and electric roller shutters. These are the two main types of roller shutters available in Sydney. Electric roller shutters are more commonly used in garage doors and other larger parts of the house or building, which need protection. This type of shutter is controlled by a remote control or by a single push button. Manual shutters, on the other hand, will apparently require human effort to lift the shutters.

When buying roller shutters in Sydney, it is ideal to create a pro and con list to determine which type of roller shutters that would best suit your property. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with electric roller shutters. The main advantage of this type is that it is very convenient to use, most especially if you’re going to use this in your garage or on larger doors and windows. Not only do they provide utmost convenience and security, they also add value to your home. It serves like a good investment. But of course, like any other type of investments, you need to shell out a large amount of money in order to have electric shutters set up.

The main advantage of manual roller shutters is they provide the same level of protection but at a lesser cost. You can use this to protect smaller doors or windows, which are more exposed to passersby. Another good thing of having manual roller shutters is the ability to do troubleshoot it when minor problems occur. The main disadvantage is the fact that you have to manually close and open the shutters every time.

With these considerations, here are some questions that can help you more in making a decision:

How much are you willing to spend for installing roller shutters in your property? Installation of electronic roller shutters in Sydney is paid by the hour and can be quite costly.

What parts of the house do you need the roller shutters for?

If you choose manual roller shutters, is there someone that can help you to operate them in the event you encounter trouble?

Are you going to stay in your house for more than 5 years or so? Or is it temporary? If you don’t have plans of moving, then you might as well go all-out and install the best and most convenient roller shutters to avoid reinstalling them in the future.

You can also add more questions to your list as you go along. This can really help you out in making the best decision. Roller shutters are a permanent addition to your house and requires careful planning. You don’t want to make unnecessary changes when they are already installed. The bottom line is, whether you choose manual or electric roller shutters that you have taken the initiative to give your house and your property the best protection it can get. They both provide the same level of security. The factors that would set them apart will depend mainly on your preference.

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