Living In Mobile Homes Canada

A movable home park can be enjoyable to live in. It has all the benefits of a conventional home but lacks the hassle involved in taking care of the traditional homes not to mention the huge property ownership taxes which have to be paid. Many of the aging population are opting for mobile homes Canada and this does not come as a surprise because the benefits outweigh the demerits.

The negative stereotypes that individuals have for such parks are not true to those who try them. Most of the parks look gorgeous. The best thing about them is the affordability they have. People here enjoy staying in a comfortable place without making payments of property taxes or having the burden of maintaining land and the utilities.

Many of them are family oriented and this works very well for families with young children. They can find friends easily in these parks. Treasured memories are made from growing up in such kind of homes. If these houses are managed well, it is a very safe environment for children to grow up in. It requires observation of safety protocols and periodic background checks.

Some of the benefits enjoyed from staying in such houses include reduced cost of living, freedom from property taxes and not having overly close neighbors. Some neighbors can be quite annoying especially if they are full of drama. The maintenance cost is very minimal. You can forget about lawn mowing and tree trimming. You will only have a small yard which makes it easier to manage. The homes are located wherever the owner wishes. So one is able to enjoy a view of the lakes and ponds if they so wish. In addition, you will not have to worry about property owners who do not allow pets in their compound.

Remodeling of this houses is possible any time the owner feels like giving the home a new look. There is a certain togetherness developed with the other people who live in such homes and you can even attend community events, fitness centers and pools serving this community.

The biggest drawback is the negative stereotype associated with living in these homes. However, if you are comfortable living in them, you should not pay much attention to those who are against the idea. Actually, you are better off than them because you are not working too hard only to spend the entire salary in paying for mortgages.

The other disadvantage of living in this houses is that there potential is not appreciated mostly. The ones situated near communities with traditional house are hardly hit. However, with the baby boomers population slowly declining, much emphasis is being put on living within your means.

It is possible for a mobile home to appreciate. However, living in parks limits this. It is more difficult to sell a home situated in the parks. Traditional homes are easier to sell. However, with the aging population this has become a less issue. The park owners sell their parks after little notice. Transportation of the homes is also hard. Some of them are very old to get transported. The cost of transporting these homes is high. People living in such places are stigmatized.

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