Living In A Townhome Has Advantages

When you think living in a townhome, what comes to mind? In the minds of certain people, they have a kind of stigma attached to them. Some people seem to carry on the misconception that townhomes take the least desirable elements of apartments and homeowners associations and smush it all together. But many of these ideas are flat out wrong. Townhomes are a whole different ball game from other living spaces.

The biggest factor that separates a condominium and townhome is who owns the property. As is most often the case with a townhome, the buyer owns the building itself and the land it’s built on, while with a condo, you usually only own the walls and what is in them. Granted, when you buy a townhome, you’re not getting a massive plot of land in which to be buried along with generations of your descendants, there are many freedoms that come with owning your own piece of land.

Of the reasons that some people choose to purchase a townhome over a full-size, single-family house, price is the most obvious and common. While a townhome is a smaller space than a full-size home, this has its draws for some people. Not everyone needs a lot of extra space, and some people would rather not have extra surfaces to clean. Additionally, the smaller scale of a townhome means some luxury features might be more reasonable when they don’t have to cover a large area, such as luxury floors or countertops.

Certain things have an undeserved reputation, with people saying that they’re much worse than they actually are. HOAs are one such thing. Most times, the benefits of being a part of one far outweighs the little annoyances that they bring. For some small dues and cooperation with the rules, you gain access to various services. In many communities, this includes having exterior maintenance of the home covered, including land mowing, snow removal and roofing projects. Each community will have its own benefits and guidelines, so make sure that you are familiar with your own.

Townhomes are, more often than not, part of a community. And usually, communities have amenities for their residents to enjoy. Clubhouses, fitness centers, pools, tennis and basketball courts and children’s play areas are some of the common sights you’ll see in a townhome community. If your community doesn’t have something that you enjoy, there is often a way to put it to a vote to add something new if enough community members back it and there is land space available to add it. Each member of the community owns a small pieces of it.

The advantages of buying a townhome over renting an apartment or buying a larger home are often surprising, and many townhome-owners can lend credence to their upsides. Everyone has different needs and tastes, but for many, townhomes are a great option.

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