Brick Pavers Yearly Preservation Insights

Did you maintain your brick pavers and when was the very last time you did it? Don’t you wonder if by now they’d be ramshackle, dirty and even grassy. This may sound unbelievable but brick paver walks shifts if there is no maintenance.

What should be done? To lessen your burden, below are 5 careful approaches to restore your once beautiful and good-looking paver brick walkway or pathway:

Detect possible changes or settling on your stone pavers. If such occurs, you need to repair that area according to the manual. Digging would be a requirement for you’d be checking the base part if it was properly set up. But if not, then it means more work for you since you have to start all over again maybe just on that specific area only or possibly the entire paver brick drive and others.

Power-wash your concrete paver areas incorporating a 2700 psi power washer or higher. Paver cleaner isn’t needed at this moment.

Fill the entire paver joints with joint sand and then lightly water it using a garden hose. Again, repeat the above step to ensure that joints are really full of joint sand. When already dry, check it again to make certain that paver joints are really full of joint sands and then go on with the succeeding steps. Perfectly filled and well compacted joints assists in stabilization of pavers.

The next step is applying joint stabilizing sealer on the whole area of the stone paver. The sealer solidifies the sand thus prevents the water from getting in and even the insects. Procedures on how to apply sealer can be found in the manual guide.

Paver brick sealer can be applied whether necessary or you just would like to. There are plenty of options that you can pick on. You can have a glossy wet look in your paver yet it would eventually make the color darker and you wouldn’t probably like that. Another option is those with matter finish and others are completely concealed. Sealers are very good barrier makers against liquid absorption in contrast to joint stabilizing sealers that only hardens the joint sand. In addition, paver sealers helps prevent stain and retains the elegant look of you’re your pavers longer than those without sealers. High end pavers are available but these are not required. Guide on applying sealers are present in the manufacturer’s handout.

By simply following the above tips, your brick pavers’ looks would surely be enhanced, its structure would stay strong and you’d be able to pay less on brick paver’s’ maintenance.

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