Landscaping Ideas For Privacy

Dependence on a tall fence is one of the landscaping ideas for privacy. The lines of a towering fence, on the other hand, may be softened by decorative and useful landscaping pieces and plantings. An otherwise overwhelming facade of an extra tall fence can be broken up with simple detailing, that may involve the use of a wide cap piece.

Subtle screening, as one of the decorative privacy landscaping ideas, is offered by a stripped down fence and airy plants. The transition from a public face to a private space can be marked by two oversized urns planted with rhododendrons.

Signals to a secluded landscape are among the privacy landscaping ideas that are affordable through the woodwork of the fence. Sunlight and views are filtered by the open weave of the lattice. The maintenance of a year-round, softscape barrier is provided by low growing shrubs, such as dwarf globe blue spruces.

Privacy landscaping ideas for softening the narrow stretch of space between a pathway and the house involve a few shrubs and plants. A prime example of these shrubs and plants would be the coleus. A second layer of screening is offered by wisteria works in tandem with more substantial privacy elements. A stucco fence is one such element.

Elegance is a major concern of privacy landscaping ideas. An artful fence can do the trick. A private patio can be made elegant by distinctive features. While all fences need edges and cap pieces, these features can become visual accents with the simple shaping of the edge into a curve and the forming of the cap piece into a pyramid.

Closing the gap between public and private spaces is another task for privacy landscaping ideas. This is the job for a trimmed boxwood scrub. An additional benefit from this shrub is its support provision to the style of the fence.

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