Jet-Vac: For Any Clogged Drain Or Sewer

Clogged drain or sewer lines? Then Jet Vac may be the solution you’re looking for. This new and evolving technology is being used in many different industries for cleanup and more. Local plumbing companies are now using this new tool to handle stubborn clogs of any type. Jet Vac is also a wet and dry vacuum which can be used for a wide variety of applications including spills and leaks of any type. It’s so effective that more and more companies are investing in the technology for themselves.

Jet Vac is an extremely powerful dry and wet vacuum and pump system. It’s capable of moving large quantities of dry or wet materials making it perfect for cleanup of hazardous materials or spills of any type where speed is important. And, since it does dry materials also, it can be used for nearly any application.

The typical headaches of dealing with repeatedly clogged drains or sewer blockages are a thing of the past. Using the Jet Vac system no clog or obstruction is too difficult to handle. Using a high pressure water jet, Jet Vac technology is capable of removing any problem. Previous methods of using snakes only temporarily fixes problems since the root cause of the problem may still exist. With Jet Vac the core problems are completely eliminated.

There are virtual unlimited applications where Jet Vac can be employed. We’ve only just seen the beginning of how Jet Vac is revolutionizing the cleanup industry. You will find it being used in water treatment plants and companies who handle large volumes of hazardous materials and chemicals. The ability to quickly deal with hazardous chemicals and spills makes Jet Vac invaluable.

There surely is more to Jet Vac than just cleaning. This revolutionary technology has already invaded different industries with its many uses that are crucial to them. The Jet Vac comes in different forms and shapes. But regardless of the its size and shape, you can always expect a reliable performance as it powerfully blasts those stubborn clogs, clears of small and large pipelines, flushes away those obstructions in sewers and drainage systems. “Jet Vac is a must for any commercial or industrial customer,” says Dave Paulson, a Jersey City Plumber.

Aside from Jet Vac being a powerful and efficient cleaner of unwanted clogs and sludge, it is also being used as an unbelievable suction or vacuum to reclaim some costly materials such as oil, mud oil, drilling fluids, lubricants and many others. With a very short timescale, it can be used to vacuum in a wide range those wet or dry materials. This is the reason why many large scale companies are putting their trust on the Jet Vac. Industries like flour mills, steel manufacturers, refineries, chemical industries and others are just some of those who are continuously using Jet Vac to clean and vacuum different types of materials.

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