Wood Furniture – The Most Popular Choice Today

In years past, wood furniture was the only option, so every owned it. Over the years, more options became available, giving a wider choice of fabrics, styles and poorer quality wood. While a great variety of choices lends itself to more home decorating options, wood still maintains its popularity. There are many advantages of owning wood furniture and things you should look for which indicate good quality. Wood is best loved for:

1. It’s a natural product of beauty.

2. Wood lasts for decades.

3. Wood is easy to take care of.

4. Great selection of finishes and styles.

Wood Finishes: Many people mistakenly believe the finish they have on their wood is the same as the wood product used to make furniture. The finish is simply a protective covering on the wood. Furniture can be made of pine but may have a maple or mahogany finish. This may give it the appearance of maple or mahogany, but it’s still made of pine. Today you can find wood furniture in almost any stain. Many consumers buy antique and very valuable furniture and have it refinished to original wood or in a finish of their preference.

Different Wood Qualities: Different wood qualities are available to meet your decorating taste and budget. Most of today’s furniture is a combination of solid wood and real wood veneer. Contrary to popular belief, furniture doesn’t need to be made of solid wood to be high quality. Surprisingly, some solid wood furniture splits and cracks from exposure to humidity and similar weather conditions.

Durable, expensive furniture is available that combines solid wood and wood veneer, rendering beautiful finishes and patterns. Ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture is the least expensive. Most of the time, you need to assemble it yourself. This type of furniture is offered by manufacturers such as Azura, Bestar Furniture and Bush Furniture. If price is your main concern, this is your best option.

Good Quality Construction: Pine, maple, cherry and oak are the most popular furniture woods. How the wood is constructed is just as important as the type you choose. If you see a furniture item is made with wood products or constructed with staples and tiny nails, you’re looking at a poorly constructed piece of furniture. Dove tail drawers are the sturdiest, which is a draw with interlocking pieces.

It’s important to protect your furniture investment for years to come by making sure it comes with warranties and features to ensure it will last. Often, nightstands and dressers come with a dust proofing feature. In between the drawers is a separate piece of wood to separate the drawers and inhibit dust from accumulating. Always remember to find out how your wood furniture was made before buying it.

Theresa Happe is a freelancer for Mazeltovfurniture.com where you will find a great selection of discount furniture and a great selection of discount bedroom furniture

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