The Return of The Ceiling Fan Light

Whenever I broached the subject of of looking into ceiling fans that came with lights, I literally cringed. It was unbearable.. I had two seemingly valid concerns. First, in my experience the blades would cast long shadows and those shadows would constantly rotate. Second, I thought that whenever I wanted the fan, the light would remain rotating and if I just wanted the fan, the light would remain on. Both concerns have been debunked. Until earlier today. I was looking for a simple ceiling fan and came across a very elegant and functional ceiling fan light.

Well, it turns out, my initial impression, and my dominating penchant against ceiling fan lights were based on my childhood memory of my aunt’s house that had a really annoying ceiling fan that had an inbuilt light that face upwards. This splashed shadows of rotating blades across the entire room and made me feel sea sick every time I visited her. In my defense, that was a very traumatic experience.

Today’s ceiling fan lights are completely different from yesteryear. Today they represent the modern technological marvel. Just like everything else of this generation from cars to watches, everything is just amazing. Did you know that when the first Apollo rocket flew into space, the on board computer was so large, it could fill a room and yet it was only a fraction of power and speed of today’s slowest computer that my son uses. . The one I read about today apparently came with an elaborate remote control even better than my present light fixtures. You are able to turn it on and off -well that’s basic, you can adjust the speed of the fan, you can even make the fan rotate in the opposite direction. You can control every aspect of the ceiling fan light’s functions from the comfort of your couch.

All that is just the function of the fan. This ceiling fan light comes with a control, built into the remote control, to adjust the luminosity of the light. In other words, it comes with a dimmer – I wish they would make bathroom light fixtures that had remotes too. The thing that really sold me was the fact that they had advanced technology lights ? two sets of them, one below the spinner and the other, above. The one above was is used to cast soft lighting and reflect it off the ceiling. With it positioned above the blades, no rotating shadow was cast.

Since it is above the moving blades, there is no shadow cast. The beauty of this design is that the lights are LED lights and you can use the remote to change the color of the light that is spread across the ceiling. One high-end model even displayed speckles of light that looked like stars. So on a dark night you could turn off al the other lights and just turn on the stargazers feature and you will be treated to a dazzling night sky event.

The regular model doesn’t have the star feature but it also has lights that are below the spinner. This are also led lights and are omnidirectional. So, once again there is no issue of the beam cutting across moving blades and casting a shadow. Instead these down lights take advantage of the latest LED technology in a ceiling fan light to illuminate a 30 ft x 30 ft room effortlessly.

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