Key Principles Of Interior Design

In the interior design of any building, there are many important aspects that should be kept in mind. The under-mentioned fundamental guidelines, if adhered to, will take care of a number of these factors. Each of these has a special role to play and it may be utilized in various ways on the basis of the type of space you are dealing with.

Unity: As per this tenet, while designing the interiors, caution must be taken to maintain uniformity in the overall design, as a building must be treated as a single entity, which is divided into a number of parts by walls. It will be prudent to remember the overall scheme of things.

Balance: This means properly arranging objects in a particular space. It is always better to place things with equal visual features at diverse points in order to strike a good balance. Balance is categorized into three broad kinds. The most fundamental kind is symmetrical balance, which is quite straightforward to strike. Asymmetrical is the next kind of balance, which is quite fashionable, but demands a lot of deliberation and originality. A radial balance is the third type, which is accomplished by defining a small core and positioning things around that.

Proportion: This relates to the relative sizes of items in an area. It is crucial that articles in a room go well together in terms of their sizes. Lack of proportion will result in imbalance that will adversely affect the look of the room, as some things will be over emphasized while others will not get sufficient visibility.

Focus: High quality interior design requires a focal point in the room. Focal items can be anything ranging from a furniture article to a beautiful painting or some other artistic piece. It is crucial that this item be in line with the design of the overall room and that it has an impression on the observer. While it should be exclusive, it must gel with its environment.

Rhythm: Having a rhythm too is very important for achieving a good design. This implies that the room should have a flowing visual pattern and clear consistency. Arches, ornate designs on walls and ceilings, carefully selected paintings, repetition of colours and designs etc will help you achieve a rhythm.

Interior designing of a space will be consistent if these basic principles are kept in mind. It is recommended to engage a good interior design expert who can take care of all these aspects and also assist you with the details.

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