Installing A Wire Closet Organizer

Even the most disorganized closet space can be transformed with just a little planning and effort on your part, so you can easily find your clothing or other items. Follow these steps to successfully install your wire closet organizer.

First you want to remove everything from the closet space you want to install your wire closet organizer in. And I mean everything, including any old shelves, rods, doors, clothing, etc. And if you really want to make a change you can use this time to get rid of things you will never use again.

Repair all the holes that were left behind. With spackling compound and a putty knife, fill in the holes from the old shelves and rods. Then you want to apply a new coat of paint to the entire space. This will enhance the look of your wire closet organizer.

Then you want to mark the wall. Mark the wall 2 inches down from the ceiling, you want to make the line level where you intend to place the hanging tracks of the wire closet organizer. Then place one of the tracks on the line and mark with a pencil where the holes are for drilling.

Hang the tracks. Using the drill marks as your guide, begin to install the hanging tracks of the wire closet organizer. As a general rule, mount the tracks every 24″ or so; however, if they’ll be supporting a lot of weight, space them closer together.

Install the shelves of your new wire closet organizer. Going from the bottom up, choose the space between the floor and the bottom shelf and then continue installing the shelves at intervals appropriate for what you intend to store in the closet.

When the shelves are in place you can then install a hanging rod. Once you get all your shelves in place where you want them, you can snap in the hanger supports and install the rod.

Whenever possible, mount the hanging tracks in front of a wall stud. If necessary, reinforce the tracks with toggle bolts before mounting your wire closet organizer.

Going from the bottom up choose the space between the floor and the first shelf then continue on up. All it takes is a wire closet organizer and following these steps to install them. Spacing of the hanging tracks depends on the application. Closet Organizing

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