How To Do A Profitable Interior Design

Interior design,is a natural quality for most home makers.Indeed a lot of people are experts in furnishing,and decorating their house on very little available money.The results that I have seen are superb.with no money at all I have seen great living spaces pull together from what could be gathered together. I have been fortunate, in as much as I have been a professional,and tried to compete with the people with no money, on using different techniques to end up with a comfortable space.

My expertise was not gained at college or university,but by actually creating designs as I developed my property developing business. In the beginning I could or would not see anything apart from what the financial gain would be. In other words how much money could be made in how quick a time scale. My early projects were all about squeezing as many apartments out of each floor of a house,in one particular house,that was purely the challenge how many flats per floor.

On this early conversion we succeeded ,we did brilliantly well, in record time, we converted and sold all the flats . We had created car parking spaces and,living accommodation that was certainly affordable. The apartments were popular, they were smaller and less expensive as the went higher up the house.I had never made so much money so quickly.Something struck a chord, it was no longer satisfying to work just for money. I needed to do something which had more flair about it.

Immediately I purchased a larger, grander,building. The idea I had was another conversion ,but this time I was going to do something I was proud of.Everything was going to to be the best I could do,the color schemes were carefully worked out,most walls dad a base color on,then a contrasting color rag rolled over the top of the initial color, and finally a lighter shade sponged over the top.All of these techniques take great expertise to achieve.

We did not stop there, we built custom wardrobes in a lot of the alcoves,I did not want the apartments to have free standing pine wardrobe shoved in a corner,a pine wardrobe would have to be placed in the right situation. After a lot of thought, and redoing the color schemes.The fitting of different shaped custom pine wardrobes, into recesses either side of chimneys ,and other places,finished the interior design perfectly. The result was, I did feel proud of the design,and that the buyers had a good quality home,and also a lot of money was made by the fast sales

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