History of European Chandelier Lighting

For a long period of time, chandeliers have been used to ward off bad luck. However, unlike some other forms of home light fixtures, vintage chandeliers often attempt to show certain events in history. In other instances it has served as a family heirloom and the insignia of noble families – much like coats of arms. Therefore some antique, vintage chandeliers are nothing short of priceless and are auctioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

While the frame could possibly be constructed of cast iron or timber, they are adorned with thousands of trinkets of value. Many people who prefer these kinds of vintage chandeliers, probably like them due to their uniqueness and the character which they posses which is lacking in some of the other popular decorative jewelry items. If you want do something other than going with the trend and if you want to stand out from the rest, maybe a vintage chandelier would fit the bill.

The highest price I have heard a chandelier change hands for over two million Euros. Off course you can find ones that are much lower in price than that. Some could cost as little as $5000. Keep an open mind, be prepared to be blown off your seat when you hear the prices – remember these are not bathroom light fixtures that you are buying.

You must keep in mind that unlike items like silver chandeliers that could be found basically anywhere, for both formal and informal occasions, these unique vintage chandeliers might not suit every occasion. However, a vintage chandelier is still a useful thing to have if you do have the ability to afford it.

Spend enough time in your search and you will find chandeliers that are rife with historic turning points.Some such chandeliers could be ideal as a main foyer piece, go online and look at these types of chandeliers which are available. In contrast, a less famous chandelier will cost proportionately less.

Some of these chandeliers are truly beautiful works of art that are just more than mere chandelier lighting. Even the stories behind such chandeliers are often very interesting and heartwarming. If you dare to be different get your vintage chandelier today!

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