Finishing Tips For A Long-Lasting Wooden Floor

We all dream about having a properly finished wooden floor. It is a possibility if we carefully go about the process. All you need is the right king of stain, sealant and coating to get the finish you desire.

In order to ensure the long life of your wooden floor, you need to purchase appropriate coating material, sealant and stain.

Varnish, shellacs, surface finishes, lacquer and penetrating sealers are the products you will need to complete this task.

You first need to consider as to what extent, you would use your floor. Will it attract heavy traffic? Do you want an easy to maintain, hard or waterproof surface? If that is the case, then you need to apply many coats of polyurethane onto your floor. It should contain oil.

This will protect your floor against any damage, and make it shiny as well. One problem associated with it is that it loses its color with time. It goes yellow or amber with time.

For good finish, you would require to coat at least twice. For the best outcomes, you should coat your floor at least 3 to four times. Some coats require at least a day to dry before you can recoat. In some cases, not much drying period is required. You can apply more than a single coat in a day.

The room should be properly ventilated. Such products are highly volatile. Windows will allow easy passage for fresh air to come in.

You should not immediately start using the floor once you are done applying the coats. Give it some time. Then it will be ready to use.

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