Dallas GA Whiplash Sufferers Find Relief With Chiropractic

The neck injury referred to as whiplash is closely associated with automobile accidents. The abrupt jerking of the head in a collision damages the muscles and ligaments. A leading Dallas GA Chiropractor is providing pain alleviation for this and other injuries in a comfortable office setting.

The person suffering from the symptoms is acutely aware of them. There is a feeling of hard or knotted muscles. It is painful to move the head in any direction. The area is tender and headaches affect the skull.

These effects can begin immediately, but often do not become obvious until hours or even days later. A concussion may occur at the same time. A thorough evaluation usually includes x-rays.

Chiropractic care is beneficial after this injury occurs. It begins with a careful assessment of each individual who has been hurt. The care plan may vary from person to person and injury to injury.

Manual adjustments, massage and mild exercises may be used, alone or in combination, to lessen the pain. A neck brace may be used temporarily to hold the neck in the optimal position to promote healing. This is only temporary.

Additional care may include massage. One technique requires the chiropractor to apply finger pressure to the trigger points of pain. Gentle or more stringent pressure is successful depending on the amount of tension that is present.

One type of exercise uses an established method to stabilize the cervical spine. This method is a comprehensive program involving the evaluation, care plan and prevention against future injury. Gradually the pain is alleviated and the client learns the process and some preventative measures.

Of course, no one can predict an auto accident. But, using good posture can avoid putting stress on the soft tissues. Certain changes in position can also cause one of the spinal vertebrae to be misaligned, which will require adjusting.

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