Choosing Office Furniture That Works

The office furniture you choose will depend on what type of office will be using it, the size of the staff and what they will be doing, and the equipment that will be used.

If it is the office of a doctor or dentist, they usually have rows of files along the walls that represent their patients. There is a receptionist answering phones and booking appointments, so she will be using a computer and there is a certain type of desk or work area for that. A file clerk will be sorting and alphabetizing files, so he or she will need a desk with plenty of counter space for his or her tasks. An accountant is usually also in these offices to track the billing. The accountant will be in a separate, semi-private cubicle, also with a computer and the necessary desk or work space for that.

The doctor or dentist will have patient rooms, but in his or her office a basic desk will be needed, along with a phone and intercom system, and perhaps room for some personal files. There may also be some shelving for books and other reference material.

A telemarketing company needs very different furniture. Rows of desks with computers and phones on them are usually all that is needed. An area for a pad for notes and some pens is also needed, but probably not much more than that.

Printing firms and publishing houses may need drafting tables and large counter tops in order to examine work for final approval. The computers are also used to pay attention to detail before printing, and some counter space is needed there, as well. Insurance offices, real estate office, and sales offices may all share the desks and equipment at different times, as these individuals usually work out of the office at least part of the day. They come back to check emails, print out information, and so on. They need computes, phones, and maybe some file cabinets, and a common printer for all.

Designing the office before the furniture is purchased is key. This will let you know if individuals may share equipment, such as a printer, or if someone may need a separate one for a certain position. A color printer may also be needed.

And the boss needs some privacy. The information he has in his office is of no concern to the rest of the staff. He or she should be in a space that is very obviously his own, and yet it is not so distant that he cannot be a part of what goes on in his own company.

Also, if the office can be put together with ergonomically, the staff will be more comfortable. Ergonomic chairs can be adjusted to each different back and neck. There should be typing desks that make sense for administrative staff that does a lot of typing. Telephones should be in a convenient place, and if a lot of phone work is needed, the staff should have access to an ear piece, instead of having to hold the phone on their shoulders. A little consideration, along with design will create sensible decisions for buying office furniture.

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