Black On Black: The Old School Picture Frame

Every person is unique; and when it comes to home decorating, there are certainly a plethora of different, individual styles out there on the market. From modern, to country, to classic (it sounds like I’m listing radio stations!) there’s bound to be at least one style of school picture frame to suit your living room needs. If you’re that person who’s tired of choosing between black and black school pictures frames for your kids, the good news is here. Many companies are now offering a vast expanse of different frame styles to suit any kind of interior decorating. So don’t settle for that boring black frame – mix it up!

One of the most lovely styles to take over interior decorating is the antique, vintage style. This style has recently caught on with school picture frames and has caused quite a homemaker’s frenzy! Many women are throwing arts and crafts parties where they take home an adorable school picture frame with an antique twist. Many frame companies have caught onto this trend, as well, and are implementing more rustic textures and designs into their frames. With many an old-world touch and feel to them, the antique-styled frame is the newest way to accentuate your living room!

Trying to stay within the bounds of modernism when decorating can be particularly difficult; especially when it comes to school picture frames. A school picture frame that can appropriately be deemed “modern” shouldn’t just be a boring black, square frame; instead, there’s a new style called Funk that fits in perfectly with modernism. With delicately embossed characters embedded within the frame, this frame puts a unique twist on the regular old black frame of years past. Also, the matte texture and finish of this frame makes it extra unique and individual; the perfect accessory to any modernized living room or decorated house.

Little girls love glam; so why wouldn’t little girls love for their school picture frames to be glamorous, as well? Choosing a glittery frame that looks okay on your fireplace mantle may be a little bit difficult, but hold tight. One school picture frame style encompasses a solid gold color, making it instantly glam without all the cheesiness. This type of frame is acceptable on your mantle, bookshelf, or kitchen counter – no matter where you put it, it will always look sophisticated and classy. Just stick to the solid colors when exploring glitter – otherwise, it will look overdone!

With companies banking on the trends set by East Coast prep, it’s inevitable that these same trends should find their way into interior decorating, as well. One of the most popular styles of school pictures frames is Polo Prep – a mixture of seafaring good looks and East Coast luxury style. This school picture frame has everything that a young man or woman who expects to attend an Ivy League school could want! With nautical stripes closer to the center of the frame, these frames are an instant classic. It’s best to stick with basic colors – navy blue, dark purple or dark red – when choosing a Polo frame. Brighter colors will look a bit more West Coast and laid back. These frames are a great addition to any scholarly book shelf!

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