All You Need To Know To Lay Floor Tiles

Okay, it’s time for a home improvement project, and you are determined to do it yourself. The room you’re working on is in real need of some beautiful tiles, so you’re primed and ready to make this weekend a perfect project weekend. But, you are probably wondering, what is your first step?

Installing tile is a very rewarding experience for three reasons. You will pat yourself in the back once the project is done. There are few things in life that feel as good as completing a home project successfully on your own. And as a homeowner, you will be beaming with pride.

Secondly, it looks great when you’re finished! Stone or ceramic tiles can really add a special touch to your floor. They are very durable, and they give your home a special feel.

It’s a small investment to support a much larger one which is the purchase of your home. Ceramic or stone tiles can add value to your home.

One of the secrets of carrying a project to completion is to have a list of all the supplies you will need before you start. This checklist should include any tools and raw materials, right down to the last nail and hammer that might be needed. This list will save you time and money from starting and stopping the project to get the things you missed at the start.

Quarter inch thick backsplash is required for installing tile over wooden floors. If you happen to have a concrete floor, you won’t need this. If you don’t have a sturdy base, the tiles can get easily damaged.

Your chosen tile. This is probably the easiest step.

Adhesive must be adequate for the tile you have chosen. You must be careful here. You can damage your tiles if you use the wrong kind of adhesive.

Have a tile saw. You must have a way to cut your tile, and the only way to do it with satisfactory results is to use the tool made for the job. These can be expensive, so you may want to rent this from your local tool rental agency.

Grout is a very important choice. You have a choice of using white grout, or to add coloring when you mix it. You can choose from a large variety of colors, and you can even get it mixed professionally.

Trowels. Make sure you buy trowels that have notches in them. They’re made especially for applying tile adhesive.

Make sure you have a drill with all the attachments. You will need the drill to properly mix the grout. Don’t forget the mixing attachment, because it’s a real job to mix grout by hand.

Don’t forget to have a rubber grout float. This piece of very essential equipment is used to spread the grout down into the grooves, where the grout is supposed to be.

Miscellaneous supplies such as tile spacers, tape measure, a chalk line, buckets, sponges, gloves, goggles and of course the clothing you’re willing to ruin during the project.

Laying your own tile is a very satisfying experience, and not nearly as difficult as you might imagine. If you’ve ever put a puzzle together, and enjoyed it, you’ll relish the memory of installing floor or wall tiles for the very first time.

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