Add a Touch of Luxury to your Bedroom

Give your bedroom a makeover so you can wake up in luxury every day. If your bedroom hasn’t had any attention for a while it might be looking a little tired, but using this season’s top styles and colours it’s easy to create a whole new look.

Add some seasonal flair with rich greens and browns, which are really popular this Autumn too. This palette, inspired by nature, will create a calming, earthy atmosphere.

As the room will be filled with deep colours, it is recommended to paint the walls with a neutral matt. Go for a muddy brown or soft stone shade, as it will complement your main colours.

When it comes to the furniture and features of the room, the deeper the better to complement the walls and create a really rich atmosphere. Deep greens will go perfectly with espresso browns or lighter caramels, or example.

To create the ultimate luxurious hotel feel, plan where you will place your furniture. Typically, your bed is centralised opposite the main window or adjacent to it. A seating area is placed at the end of the bed or in a comfortable corner of the room. If you have a television this is positioned in an area that is visible to both the bed and the seating area.

Contemporary bed designs are more extravagant and luxurious than ever, and one feature which we love is the large leather headboard – which will really give a sense of glamour and elegance to any bedroom.

For either side of the bed use a walnut effect wood for your bedside cabinets to blend in with the rich dcor. For a professional and classy look, use wall-attached lamps in a metallic. They are not only practical by saving space, but they look absolutely gorgeous, particularly with soft lighting.

At the end of your bed or in the corner of the room, arrange a seating area. One small sofa or chaise lounge will bring the elegant vibe of the room together. Using heavy materials for the furniture like velvets, felts or even leather will look heavenly in your chosen rich brown or green shade.

Large button cushions make a great addition to your seating area, especially if they are in a slightly lighter tone to complement the richer colours. Avoid using large throws, as this will take attention away from your statement seating area.

Add the finishing touches to your room. Use various sizes of cushions to decorate the bed and arrange them in height order. This will give that sophisticated and classy vibe to your revamped room.

For a personal touch, fill some clear glass vases with flowers (whether real or fake) and place them around the room – this will add a feminine touch and complete the look.

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