A Door Repair Solution For Your Home

When you have a door repair Nashville project to complete, then you have many options available. The option that you choose is based on the type of problem. One problem that can occur with wooden doors in your home is a dent, hole or puncture that has damaged the surface.

Repairing doors that have been damaged is typically done with filler. You can find filler that is used for wood at any home improvement center. The type of filler that you find should match the color and type of the wood that was used for construction.

You can find a new lock mechanism for any of the doors in your home at a home improvement store. A lock will need to have keys made that can also be done when making a purchase. Locks that are bought at any type of store will need to have multiple keys made.

Place the doors separately on a set of saw horses. Remove the screws used to secure each hinge by using a screwdriver. A power drill can also be used to remove the screws. Pry each hinge off of the wood with the end of your screwdriver or some other flat blade tool.

When the filler has dried, sand the surface smooth with your sandpaper. A sanding block can be used if you need to ensure your sanding is uniform. Once you are satisfied with the result, then see if you need to apply a new coat of paint or stain to the wood.

The purpose of a door repair Nashville project is to get the door back to a previous condition. If you are not able to do this yourself, then hire a local contractor to complete the job. You may also want to see if a woodworker is available to do all of the required work.

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