21st Century Bathroom Trends

The bathroom of the 21st century is more than just a place to wash up. More and more people are looking at their bathroom as a place to relax and rejuvenate. For this reason these days most bathroom remodels focus as much on function as they do on aesthetic appeal.

In my line of work I have encountered a number of these hot trends for the bathroom. Do any of them appeal to you

Spacious Soaking Tubs – The bath is making a comeback. In these hustle, bustle times the idea of a long, hot soak in a bubble filled tub is the only thing that gets some people through their stressful work day. That is why we are seeing a big rise in the number of people asking for a large, elegant soaking tub rather than the jet tubs that were all the rage a few years ago. Soaking baths tend to be prettier than their jet-setting predecessors, and offer a deep, quiet soak without water spurting up to disturb your magazine page turns.

Wide Walk in Showers – Even if the tub is making a bigger splash in bathroom remodeling these days a good shower is still essential. The big trend amongst our clients this year has been the requests fro a walk in ceramic tiled shower complete with shower glass doors. It is not too hard to understand why. this kind of shower is elegant and stylish and makes any bathroom feel a little larger.

Under Floor Heating – Ceramic tile bathroom floors are beautiful to behold, but can be as cold as ice underfoot. Radiant under floor heating solves that problem beautifully though. Add to that the fact that it is far more economical to use radiant under floor heating in the bathroom than the more traditional baseboard variety and it is not hard to see why it is becoming such a popular choice.

Splashes of Color – Right now our bathroom remodeling clients seem to be leaving white bathrooms behind, opting for colorful spaces that can reflect their unique personality. Blues, greens and golds have been big requests recently but for your bathroom remodel you should choose only the colors that appeal to you.

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