Instead Of Spring Cleaning, Consider An Organizational Redesign

As we transition out of winter and into to spring, this is the time of year we think about spring cleaning. While giving everything in your home a thorough cleaning and assessing your items is always a good idea, what if you home always looked as though it were fresh from a spring clean? With the help of a great interior designer, this dream can become a reality.

Getting organized is a chore, but it can happen. However, staying organized is the real challenge. After all, clutter seems to build up like magic. We are inundated with “stuff” just about every day and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This is particularly true if our home is not set up with solid organizational systems. Create a few concrete rules for yourself, though, and it can be much easier to reduce the clutter in your home.

For example, whenever you get something new, such as an item of clothing, find one or two pieces of clothing and donate them to a charity shop. If you buy a new set of sheets or a new pair of shoes, get rid of an old set or an old pair. The same rule applies to larger items, such as new furnishings. On the day the new items are delivered, call a favorite charity and set up a time for them to come and take some old furniture or perhaps sell it online or via a consignment shop.

Much of the clutter that we store is in the form of paper, and this can be reduced easily. Some documents need to be kept in paper form, but many can be scanned and stored on a computer or an external hard drive. Even children’s artwork can be scanned or you can take pictures of it and store this digitally. You can opt for paperless bills and then pay your bills online. Be sure to go through your mail daily and immediately toss junk mail into the recycle bin. You can even enjoy magazines and newspapers digitally rather than opting for paper copies, which just pile up in our homes.

While reducing the amount of items and paper in your home definitely helps, what do you do with all of the items that you want to keep but have no place to store? The answer is to simply contact an interior decorator and hire them to create storage solutions for your entire home. They can design that perfect garage with built in shelving and storage, create attractive shelving units in your family room or office and even get into those kitchen cupboards and pantry and add useful design and storage features. Your closets are yet another area that they can tackle and transform into an easy-to-organize space.

Once your storage problems have been fixed and everything has a proper place, your home will truly look clean. You will be able to find all of your important papers and other items quickly. When friends pop over, it will take just minutes to tidy up and you won’t have to cram it all into a hall closet or an extra bedroom. Your home should be a respite, and if it’s organized, you will always feel relaxed the minute you come home after a hard day at work. So instead of struggling with the momentous task of spring cleaning, contact a designer and have them create an organizational system that works for you.

Vickie Daeley enjoys blogging and sharing her knowledge in interior design. For further information about an Orange County interior design consultant, or to discover a Tustin interior designer, check out the Interior Affairs website today.

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