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Various activities and approaches to outdoor accommodation can be classified under a broad term called camping. There exists the general understanding that when on a camping trip, people leave behind what is normal in their lives in quest for new ways of enjoying life. Their developed homes are left behind for what Mother Nature has to provide. Included activities are not definite and no single definition has been agreed upon about them. Camping in Old Orchard Beach is a lifetime experience because of the beautiful scenery and plenty of enjoyment.

This activity is differentiated from others because it has specific identifying aspects. Intent and nature of activities participants engage in are the two major definers. Participants set out in search of adventure and to rejuvenate themselves. The quest brings them peace, relaxation, and plenty of enjoyment.

For that reason, even though summer camps for children involve bunkhouse accommodation and dining hall meals, they do not qualify to be called camping because they lack the necessary spirit. The same thing can be said of homeless people who live outside, spend nights in the cold, and cook on open fires. People who keep migrating from one location to another and live in temporary structures cannot be termed as campers either. The migration is just a way of life for them and not adventure seeking.

Campers are of varied types. Survivalists set out to survive and so they carry very little belongings from their homes. On the contrary, recreational vehicle travellers literally move their homes onto the site. They bring all necessities that would guarantee a good stay out. For instance, they carry their own utensils, heat, electricity, food, and patio furniture just to mention a few. Many people who get involved in this activity also do other activities like backpacking and hiking.

Camping is differentiated from day-tripping, picnicking, and other recreational activities that are meant to last shortly by the fact that people spend at least a night outdoors. Campers get involved in many other activities for enjoyment and entertainment. Some of the activities they enjoy include hunting, fishing, climbing, canoeing, and gathering.

The outdoor nature of this activity makes campers to find shelter in various places at night including primitive tents, the open air, structures, caravans, and motorhomes. Sleeping equipment sometimes comprises of blankets, sacks, and sleeping bags. It is best to research or attend classes if one has never been to such an adventure before. If visiting risky places, people should stay together in groups.

The activity has a shallow history owing to its relatively young age. It was pioneered at the start of the twentieth century. It has undergone evolution since then and currently involves several aspects that were absent initially. Publicly owned sites seem to be the most frequented sites by campers in the United States. Some of the places visited include wilderness areas, commercial campgrounds, and parks. Such places are usually filled with people every day and night.

Both individuals and institutions organize this activity. When it is organized by an institution, participants go as part of a group and get involved in activities together as one unit. Worldwide youth groups like scouting also have their members attend. Scouters are taught self-reliance and teamwork.

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