Ideas For Bathroom Towel Rack

Bathroom towel rack ideas can take up quite a bit of space. Other than inconvenience, not having a place for towels can make a bathroom look cluttered. Towel rack ideas are easy to do ideas that can help in keeping the bath towels organized while conveniently at hand.

Standing wine racks can be great bathroom towel rack ideas. They fit in rolled up towels perfectly. It is a great storage solution that also keeps towels within easy reach, not to mention, it is also quite decorative. The chosen colors for the towels must coordinate with the rest of the bathroom decor.

Old ladders are bathroom towel rack ideas that offer a unique and charming way of storing bath towels with their several rungs. Instead of having them lying around the attic, use for them can be found that can add to the beauty of a bathroom.

Bathroom towel rack ideas that take advantage of vertical space may involve chrome baskets. They offer a very contemporary option for storing towels and facecloths. Homeowners may like the idea of using wine racks for towel storage but may not have the floor space for them. They have the option of using the wall hanging models of these wine racks instead.

Semi-hidden storage is one of the bathroom towel rack ideas that involve the easy storage of towels in open cabinet spaces underneath countertops. Structured baskets used to hold stacks of towels provide a more formal look to the set up. Baskets with lots of textures and colors can change the feel of the bathroom.

Bathroom towel rack ideas that are perfect solutions for bathrooms with pedestal sinks where counter space is limited would be the hanging of towels from the vanity shelves. This way the towels are kept within reach after washing the hands.

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