The coming of Christmas season is one of the most expensive holidays for the Christian people. That bright star from the east symbolizes the coming of the King of Kings hence we have that big star on top of our Christmas trees. Our kids just love to see those hanging Christmas lights around the Christmas tree, over the window and up to the roof trimmings then along the gardens and trees and shrubs.

Decorating your house with all those hanging Christmas lights is indeed very exciting not only for the kids but also for the whole family. So how are we going to start when we decorate our house? It will be nicer if we do the planning first before putting up our hanging Christmas light so that it will not go topsy-turvy. Decorating your Christmas lights inside is a lot easier compared to the outside part.

First, you need to check your light strings for any missing bulbs or cracks especially if you had used it last Christmas yet. If you decide to buy another set of Christmas lights, you may choose different colors that will suit your taste. You may choose white or the colored ones that are lit, blinks and chase. You need to measure on the height and length from your window eaves or the roof side trimmings of your house to make it easier for you to hang your Christmas lights.

There are various miniature bulbs for you to choose from. You may choose clear, white or colored lights in a row that stays lit, blink or chase. Whichever you like best is good so long as you follow the right instructions on how and where to hang your Christmas lights.

Budget your money by choosing the mini-bulbs or miniatures bulbs with 2.5 or1.5 volt bulbs instead of the bigger ones. Miniature bulbs consumes lesser electricity compared to the big ones like the C-7 or C-9 or 5 or 10 watts bulbs because they easily get hot and consumes more electricity.

It is always best to measure the length of chain of Christmas lights you wanted to put up so that you can budget your money and most of all, you wont keep going back to the store because you’re short of Christmas lights. So make sure that you have all the plumbing tools needed before you start decorating your house.

Second, don’t forget to buy an expandable ladder because it is one of the most important one that you will look for when climbing to put your Christmas lights. Secure long-nose pliers, curved-claw hammer, light clips and other things you need when you put up your Christmas lights.

Use tube light clips or nail-on plastic clips for attaching lights to window trim and other vertical surfaces. Hang the lights along the eaves. Use plastic clips with lower hook when attaching lights along gutters and the roof to avoid damage to your roof trims or walls. You can find many of these items at home improvement center where you can find various designs from mini lights to icicle lights to mesh-style light strings that are specifically made intended for wrapping around tree trunks. Lastly, don’t forget to inspect you mini bulbs for possible cracks or missing before you plug in.

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