How to Properly Store Holiday Lights

With the close of the holiday season, there will be lots of packing to be done with all the holiday decor. One of the most difficult to pack up is the holiday lights basically because of their length. Upon removing them from their mounting, there will be lots and lots of untangling and reeling of its cords before placing them inside their boxes.

When removing holiday lights from their mounting, do not twist or wrap the cord right away and at the same time. The best way to store them is by removing the length of the cord all at the same time and laying the whole thing on the ground. If you will not do this, the cord will get all twisted and you will have a hard time collecting them and wrapping them up properly. An accordion style fold is the best way of folding the length of the cord.

Removing holiday lights from their mounting with the use of your two hands and lay out the length of the cord into one long strand on the ground. Most people like to wrap them right away while bringing them down but this is not the best solution. Start folding the cord only when the whole length of it has been stretched and fold it in an accordion style making sure that a light bulb is located at the end of each fold.

When the cord has already been folded, you will notice an extra cord length with no light bulbs. Use this part to wrap around the folded cords. Should your holiday lights have plugs on each end, wrap them up around the folded cords, and plug each socket together. If there still is an extra portion sticking out, tightly tuck them into the folds or under the last wrap of the wire.

For holiday lights that are very long, do the whole process in two. First lay the length of the cord on the ground and start folding with just one end. The reason for this is because if you make a single fold, it is most likely that the whole thing will not fit in your hands and they will get more tangled.

As soon as you have all the sections of the cord folded, fold the lights together and leave approximately ten inches of cord in the middle of the two folded groups. Use this cord to wrap the two folded groups together.

Once all your holiday lights are all packed up, store them in a way that they will not be tangled together and that the light bulbs will not rub against the other. To prevent this, you can use a regular grocery bag. Place the wrapped holiday lights inside the grocery bag and leave a few plugs out. After this, twist or tie the bags around the lights and make sure that they are tight enough to keep from being messed up.

If you store your holiday lights properly, you are assured that they will still be working the next time you use them. Stack them up as neatly as you can to make it easier to unwind later on.

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