How Are Wreaths Handcrafted?

If you’re a fan of handmade items you will enjoy the fun family activity of making wreaths, and if you have access to any Balsam fir trees, why not make your own Christmas wreath? If you have access to the needed natural resources such as balsam fir all you need to do is spend a little cash on other decorative items such as ribbons and bows to complete the look. When you follow the below steps, you will have a glorious Christmas wreath.

The first thing you will need to do is gather the bough. The supplies needed are a large basket or shopping bag and a pair of utility clippers. The clippers can be used to effectively harvest the boughs from the trees and then you can use the basket or shopping bag to carry them. Very importantly, you only need to clip the tip of the boughs. If you harvest too many boughs from one tree it could cause permanent damage. It is best to spread it out so the trees can improve and grow new boughs. This will ensure that you won’t ever run out of your Balsam fir supply.

After you are done collecting the boughs, then it is time to get started with the frame of the wreath. You can make the frame out of steel wires or improvise with some coat hangers. The frame should be circular and how big the diameter goes is up to you. Then get some thinner wires, around 1-2 inches long and tie them around the frame of your wreath. The thin wires will be line to hook your boughs to the frame of your wreath.

Now it is time for the boughs. To begin, trim the ends off the bough since you only want the tips of them. To do this, take a bundle of boughs and tie the ends using a thin wire. Tighten it securely so they aren’t able to fall off. After doing that, attach the bundled boughs onto the frame. After you have attached the first set, take another bunch of boughs and attached them together too. However, this time when you attach the bundle on the wire frame, be sure to place it on top of the ends of the preceding bundle. This way you will be able to mask the wire so it is not able to be seen. Continue on with this process until you have successfully covered the whole frame. As you do this, be sure the bundles are facing the same flow for the best aesthetic appearance.

Now for more fun you can add the finishing touches. Many things can be added to wreaths to dress them up. You can add acorns onto the wreath by running a wire through the base of the acorns. Then you can tie it up on the frame and make certain that the acorn’s wire is concealed by a bundle of boughs. You can also add fruits, ribbons or bows as you desire.

Now take your clippers and cut out the boughs that are sticking out. Clip the boughs bit by bit as you don’t want to rush the process and end up with bald Christmas wreaths. If that happens, you will have to start all over again and make new ones.

The final step would be to secure it to the place or position that you want it to be at. Thin wires work great for this. You could also create a makeshift hook out of the wires.

Everyone in the whole family can enjoy a fun activity such as making a wreath. Furthermore, all family members can also be proud each time someone compliments your beautiful Christmas wreaths.

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