HOQUIAM’S SHOREBIRD FESTIVAL – Conservation brings progress

The annual Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival brings tourist not only from all around the State of Washington and other states but also fervent bird watchers from different countries. Hoquiam has always been mighty passionate about its nature and locale and this passion has brought so much honor and prestige to its people. The Grays Harbor shorebird festival is definitely one of Hoquiam’s passions.

The coastal area around Grays Harbor with its lush marshlands and wide mudflats provide a perfect setting for the species of birds that flock to the locale every spring while in route to their winter breeding grounds in the Arctic. The shorebirds so named because of their obvious adaptation to making a living in the shorelines feed and rest in their thousands in the Grays Harbor estuary.

During spring time, dozens of species of shorebirds make a stopover at the Grays Harbor estuary to feed and rest in their hundreds of thousands while on their way to their northward migration. The birds occupy the mudflats in the estuary, with some of the birds coming as far away as Argentina! This heavy concentration of different species is a dream come true for bird scientists who come to observe behavior and take a census of the birds numbers, it is also a windfall for the worlds bird watchers who try to spot and see and even draw beautiful drawings of each species of bird they encounter.

The Grays harbor area and the estuary and the birds were once threatened by progress but thanks to the efforts of most of the residents of Hoquiam, the Grays Harbor Audubon Society and some other private individuals and concerned organizations they were able to convince the federal government to declare most of the area as a wildlife sanctuary, and since 1991, the protected area has been known as the Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge. Conservation and protection are the main reasons why Hoquiam’s people through their city government help organize the shorebird festival year after year, aside of course from having a blast while they do so.

Since the festival started, it has been at the forefront of actively pushing forward the importance of conservation and the continued relevance of the Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge. As a protected area, Hoquiam’s residents make a combined effort in trying to properly inform people of the importance of maintaining the sanctuary not only for the locals or the state but for the planet as a whole.

The amazing natural show draws people from around the globe to witness this occasion that is of hemispheric importance. The Festival unites people from different walks of life so that this momentous phenomenon can be truly celebrated.

Money is raised by the host organizations by holding a special banquet and live auction. This activity raises money for other very important things that need funding to maintain the festival itself and the educational trips and presentations that promote environmental protection and biodiversity campaigns that are so important in the effort to conserve and protect the environment. Hoquiam and Grays Harbor community together with federal and private sector help, ensure the continuation of the Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival for everyone’s enjoyment.

The spirit of Hoquiam’s love for heritage and nature is alive in this festival and right so, here’s a few of the wonderful shorebird species that you will probably see and appreciate when you decide to join the party; Black-bellied Plover, Semi-palmated Plover, Greater Yellowlegs, Wandering Tattler, Whimbrel, Marbled Godwit, Ruddy Turnstone, Surfbird, Red Knot, Sanderling, Western Sandpiper, Least Sandpiper, Dunlin, Short-billed Dowitcher, Long-billed Dowitcher. This is just a few of the dozens of species that come visit and enjoy the beauty of Hoquiam and Grays Harbor, if the birds love it, you will too.

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