Hoquiam’s Decision for Transformation

Development requires sacrifice and sometimes the sacrifice that we need to make involves choosing to undergo significant change. What is alarming about this is that important changes often affect the lives of other people. In situations like these, every single concept of the matter should be carefully considered especially when we are talking about changes that will affect the lives of every individual in a town.

The town of Hoquiam, Washington is an established logging community. They have logging festivals that they celebrate which gives evidence to their rich culture. They commemorate Logger’s Play day, and they hold a logger’s parade every fall. But right now, for the sake of their town’s development the town of Hoquiam is going to have to undergo a major conversion.

Hoquiam’s waterfront holds vast opportunities. They have envisioned the area to become one of the best locations for business and leisure. High expectations are being given to the development project and they continue to have elevated hopes that they will be able to come up with a business center that can measure up to the standards of great cities.

The town’s leadership came up with the idea through earlier exploits done by other cities that developed their town harbor. San Antonio and Baltimore urbanized their waterfronts and have gained a lot of success, which were brought about by the change, and the town of Hoquiam expects to do the same thing or even surpass what these cities have done in the past.

The plan for the waterfront’s development is very realistic but there is also an obstacle to its completion. The Metropolitan of Aberdeen is a big neighboring town that has been Hoquiam’s rival for many years. It is common that the government will opt to give support to bigger municipalities. Therefore, there is a threat that Hoquiam’s support will be awarded to its neighbor, Aberdeen.

A lot of projects will be initiated by the waterfront’s development. Beautification projects along the downtown of Hoquiam will be made and also building establishments down the stretch of the waterfront will be erected. The town will have a center for commerce which will be complemented by the natural beauty of the place.

The heart at Hoquiam will be at par with the best cities of the world. Even though the plans for the waterfront are very promising, Residents of Hoquiam are advised to continually preserve their established culture. They should make efforts to give full support to the upcoming plans as well as preserve their natural tradition.

This change in Hoquiam is an example that other communities should learn from. Other small municipalities should follow their lead and convey the message that no one should fear change. Life is a series of changes and for as long as we live, the cycle of change will never cease. And like the people of Hoquiam, let’s make the most out of the opportunities that these changes bring to us.

Wade Entezar explains how Hoquiam thinks about the future and grows up.

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