Homeowners Get Good Advice From Smyrna GAF Master Elite Roofers

For best results, the homeowner should hire a roofing construction company with a good reputation. This company will make suggestions that are in the customers best interest. All roofers should have a good working knowledge of materials on both the substrate and the final layer of material used. Smyrna GAF Master Elite Roofers do an excellent job.

Ask for the roofer you consider hiring to visit your home for a consultation. You will want to see all the styles and colors that are available. He will explain why one is more economical than another. Installation cost remains about the same.

You will also want to know when the installation can start and how long it may take. He can show you any required licenses and references. You may also want to see some previous roofs he installed for satisfied customers.

A property owner cannot be familiar with all the kinds of roofs available. For example, the stone ballast roof has evenly distributed stone used as a surface material. There is rubber roofing which adheres to the insulation.

There are metal retrofit roofs as well. However, shingle roofs are most commonly found. There is a wide array of shingle types available, from cedar shakes to slate or tiles. A professional application of any quality material should withstand weather conditions for a long period of time.

One that is durable is the red cedar shingle. It has an expected lifespan of as long as thirty years. When wooden shingles are applied, they need space below the surface to allow them to dry out after a rain.

A beautiful and durable slate roof can last for eighty to four-hundred years. Although expensive to create it provides an excellent return on dollars spent. An asphalt shingle is relatively low cost. This is partly due to the ease of application.

Another shingling material that will last for an exceptionally long time is metal. Just like slate, it is relatively expensive. It is appropriate for roofs having a steep pitch. This material is advantageous in that the application is fast.

Applying a third layer on any roof is inadvisable and illegal in many locations. Two layers are considered acceptable. This reduces cost because the old shingles are covered up rather than being removed. Having only one layer is the optimal choice.

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