Why You Should Use Powder Coat Los Angeles Contractors Over Traditional Painters

Powder coating is done using paint, which is in form of powdered substance. It is a process of adding color coat as well as substrate strength to metal surfaces. A powder coat Los Angeles, CA contractor usually uses a special electrostatic gun to do the application. The powdered material used is dry and almost like dust. The gun imparts a positive charge to the dust particles and the metal piece being coated is grounded. This gives it a negative charge.

There are several advantages to going this route over the traditional painting avenues. One of them is that the coat produced is very hard. This makes the object coated in this manner to be very durable and less prone to break. The procedure also produces a very high quality finish. Several colors and gloss levels are available. You are literally spoilt for choice.

Not only that, another reason this process is very popular nowadays is due to its environmentally friendly nature. Simply put, no pollution occurs during the process. An important thing you need to know before the process starts is the issue of thermoplastics and thermosets. These are both different kinds of powders that can be used and they are applicable in different places. This is because they have different chemical properties.

Thermoplastics also have a high impact resistance. They can also be remodeled in future. On the other hand, thermosets once applied cannot be changed or recycled in the future. They are mostly used in electrical appliances due to their high heat resistance. They offer strength and stability to the metal being coated and also strengthen the integrity of its structure.

Cleaning the substrate metal beforehand like this ensures that the powders will adhere fully to the surface and will not chip and corrode. Items like nuts and bolts are also usually removed from the parts that are being coated. This is because once they are coated they become pretty much useless. The type of item to be coated to some degree also affects the coating process.

On the other hand, thermosets are used in electrical appliances and industrial machinery, as they are highly resistant to heat. Before the process is started, some items could be required. These include a sandblaster or an appropriate chemical, an electrostatic gun and a heat source such as oven or UV lamp. There are generally three very important stages to the process.

Another kind of powders used are based on thermoplastic components. These components have different properties from thermosets. They are strong and flexible and are applied to items that may be remodeled in future. They cannot withstand a lot of heat and will easily melt if overheated. They can be easily reshaped in the future but are more expensive than thermosets. They are usually applied to items such as moving mechanical parts because of their lubrication property.

The opposite charges on the powder, which is positively charged, and the object which is negatively charged, ensure the powder is attracted to the surface and adheres to it for some time. The powder can also be dusted onto the surface to be coated using a manual process. Once he powder is applied, it should not be disturbed until it is cured to ensure none of it falls off resulting in an uneven covering.

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