Why Choose An Office Cleaning Company Wilmington NC

The name of the game for the past decade has been increasing profits by cutting back on costs especially on redundant items and operations procedures. Part of redundant staff and support functions can include maintenance and cleaning and these can be sub contracted or sourced out for more efficiency and better savings. Perhaps you have just opened shop in the Wilmington NC area and want to give office cleaning out to contractors. If you are looking for an office cleaning company Wilmington NC then do read on.

What most, if not all, outsourcing projects and moves target are tasks that have become redundant and time consuming. These kinds of tasks may include but not limited to processes that deal with benefits and payroll payments, deductions and stock inventories. They are backroom processes because no one really sees it being done, and this can also be said of cleaning and maintenance.

An entire department can actually be dissolved or dismantled when outsourcing certain redundant processes and functions. By totally eliminating redundant functions albeit also including redundant personnel, then greater savings can be had. By getting rid of a non revenue function and have it done by a third party, you no longer need to worry about hiring and training for such a position.

With advantages there are also some disadvantages to this scheme. Breakage and theft of items when no one is in the office can be a thing to look out for, particularly if you have hired a fly by night operation. Thus do your background check properly and interview prospective workers intensively. You can never be too safe when it comes to third parties entering your premises.

An unseen disadvantage can be found in that the third party contractor is allowed to schedule cleaning times whenever they want. Unscrupulous providers will do scheduled cleaning on profitable hours where the pay is bigger and you have to foot the difference, such as the graveyard shift, Sundays and holidays. Be the one to to do the scheduling so that you will be less affected by this practice.

When entering a third party office cleaning agreement look for the tie in period clause. In fact this clause should be as short as possible or non existent at all. A tie in period means you have to avail of a service for a fixed period of time even if you are unsatisfied with it or it is falling below par. Thus do yourself a favor and do not agree to a tie in period.

A big issue with companies is the loss of company secrets. These can be pilfered by nefarious office cleaners if they have a chance. Make sure that all your sensitive documents and materials are safely out of reach on cleaning days and mark out exclusive zones that cleaners may not enter.

Before placing your final signature on the dotted line, be aware of everything that has just been discussed in this article. By doing so it will pre empt any headaches and misfortunes you may have in the future with your third party cleaning provider.

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