When You Contact A Minneapolis Chimney Repair Contractor

Repairing chimney components helps prolong the life of the structure and makes it function efficiently. If chimneys are maintained properly, they can last for long. But maintaining chimneys is not just about cleaning them. While you may want to make sure these structures are cleaned regularly, it is also important to have them inspected of any defects and repaired by a Minneapolis chimney repair contractor.

Things like the mortar and bricks, capping, and crown will become defective with time. The capping structure is found on top of chimneys and is not part of the masonry work. It is the cover that you see at the top and it may be made of metal such as copper, steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum.

For many chimneys sweep technicians, they have no knowledge of construction work. If you are a homeowner and have not used the fireplace for quite some time, you might want to have the structures inspected. If you have switched to gas inserts, it means that you may not be using your fireplaces more often and therefore, you might think that you do not require annual inspections and cleanups.

Well, there are things that can help you know if you need to have repairs on chimneys. You can check for the capping structure. The purpose of the cap is to keep away rainwater from entering chimneys. Capping may also help in preventing the entry of birds and other creatures like squirrels into the flues.

Any good mortar does not leave a mark when you run a screwdriver across it. However, bad mortar falls away and leaves a gouge or a small depression where the screwdriver crosses as it peels or flakes away and falls. After checking the mortar outside, you may want to make sure that you check the mortar just below the roofline.

The crown of your chimneys offers a second line of defense against water. Usually, a crown is that concrete or mortar slab which is poured on top of every chimney. It is about 2 by 3 inches. It is this crown that covers the upper most courses of bricks making your chimneys and it surrounds the flue tiles at the top. A crown is needed not only for aesthetic appeal but also for protective purposes.

Chimneys have a hollow interior that surrounds the flue tiles. That space is important because it helps in directing the smoke outside the house. Because concretes or slabs that make the mortar of crown may suffer from moisture, it needs to be checked. One process that contractors handle when repairing chimneys is tuckpointing. Many people confuse tuckpointing with mortar joints.

Almost, all chimneys masonry will need tuckpointing in every 30 to 50 years. Because chimneys are half above the roofing structure and half below the roofing line, they may deteriorate at different rates. Usually, the structure above is exposed to harsher weather conditions such as wind, rainfall, snow, ice, and cold temperatures. It is likely to deteriorate fast. Such parts should be inspected and repaired if they are damaged.

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