What Does A Chimney Sweep Arlington VA Technician Do?

With properly cleaned chimneys, they help protect the health and safety of your family. A chimney sweep Arlington VA technician will perform the task of cleaning as well as inspecting your chimneys. When chimneys are not cleaned and removed of debris, the extraction of gases, fumes, and smoke is impaired. The size of draft is narrowed by the buildup of debris meaning that noxious gases, fumes, and smoke particles are not efficiently extracted from a house.

Chimneys can fail to extract gases and smoke particles if they are clogged with debris. With the creosote and soot building up on walls of flue, the passage becomes narrow. Smoke cannot move updraft speedily leading to trapped gases inside chimneys. The more time smoke and gases take inside the chimneys, the higher the chances of forming creosote.

When the flue is cleaned regularly, it ensures that all the debris is removed including creosote and smoke. At times, small critters such as raccoons, bats, squirrels, mice, and birds can inhabit chimneys. During the summer when chimneys are not in use, small critters may find their way inside glue vents. When they nest inside the flue, they bring in materials such leaves and grass or plant twigs.

Creosote is a highly flammable material, and this is why it should not be left to accumulate in large quantities. With the high temperatures in chimneys coupled with flying embers, you are likely to have chimney fires caused by creosote. The soot that accumulates in a house because of poor updraft of smoke causes the surfaces to blacken.

When cleaning chimneys, technicians will need to use the right tools. There are special brushes designed for sweeping chimneys. These brushes come in different sizes and design material. With firmly designed brushes, they can help in removing soot and other loose debris. However, one form of debris requires the use of chemical liquids to break it up, and that is, creosote.

The technicians will also inspect chimneys to establish if there could be structural defects. Chimneys with structural issues have to be restored before they become extensively damaged. A good cleanup technician will inspect both the exterior and interior of chimneys. Although these technicians may not have the skill and knowledge needed in repair, they are able to access parts of chimneys and assess them properly.

Cleanup technicians can detect presence of cracks on walls or weary flue lining. Besides, they can also inspect the capping material at the top as well as the damper. If they find defects within chimneys, they will report to the homeowners and give advice on what needs to be done. If you have chimneys that are regularly checked and cleaned, they will last for long and reduce the maintenance costs.

The mortar and bricks as well as liners experience unexpected high temperatures that can damage the surfaces. Cracks may form on mortar and bricks while the metal liners wear out. The chimney pot could also break, and this leads to costly repairs and restoration of the structure. If a flue is not releasing smoke outside, there can occur smoke damage. The technicians will access chimneys from the bottom and top and remove all debris trapped inside.

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