Tips On Stair Jig For Woodworkers

The importance of proper tools cannot be underestimated, especially in the art of carpentry. One tool, like a stair jig is significant in achieving the right angle and design of perfect stairs. Usually made of plywood or a durable plastic, this type of jig creates a design by using a right and acute angle. Commonly used by home contractors and interior designers, this custom-made tool is an essential tool to make flawless stringers. It allows designers to have uniform thick, thread depths and riser level in making stairs. It also helps in avoiding accidents due to unparalleled steps.

Sometimes, when doing tasks alone, you need some reinforcements to hold each side steadily and to keep parts from falling apart. This custom-made tool is a very huge help especially when you are doing the stair installation alone. With the use of this custom tool, you would are able to hold each end firmly, allowing you keep tread and risers hold steady and fit perfectly.

In order to understand the way the it works, you need to firstly know the elements of a staircase. Among them are the rise, pitch, string, tread, etc. The string’s the wooden area support employed to control the apertures to clamp riser and tread.

The tread is the horizontal board of the staircase to the face of the next riser, while the rise is the distance from the top section of one tread to the tread following. The going describes the distance between the face of each riser. The pitch is the overall angle of the stair.

This custom-made tool is all about angles. It has a zero position line from its base that serves as the starting point where the rise and tread are measured. The inner bottom part is an acute angle while the upper part has a measurement of a right triangle with a round over projection. With the correct angle measurement, you must be able to make the tread and stringer fit together perfectly. You would notice a gap if you do not have the right measurement.

It is possible to create your own with the help of a piece of plywood and measuring tools or order an already-made product in hardware store. In making your own jig, you need an accurate measurement, a good idea on how thick you would like riser and tread to be. You may search for instructional manuals online to get a video on how to produce your own one. Don’t forget, each measurement is important and needs to be perfect to get a safe and perfect stair case.

Affordable and finished ones are also available in hardware or from home contractor stores. They vary from thickness and materials used. Some are made of plywood, just like the one you attempted to make, and some are made from durable plastic. Just ask a salesman the mechanics of how it works so you can work on your staircase design. Also called a stair template, a finished jig can help you save time and effort.

A perfect stair does not only add to the overall beauty of your house. It also keeps your family members safe from fall and other related accidents that may have caused by unstable staircase. Always seek the help of a professional contractor to make sure that your staircase is safe.

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