Tips On A Fireplace Mantel Phoenix Experts Provide

Homes that are graced with fireplaces are so much more attractive for many reasons. For one thing, they provide warmth and beauty, whether they are being used or not. Basically, they are architectural features that automatically draw attention. It\’s safe to say that when there is one of these in a room, it is the actual focal point, so it should be made to stand out as much as possible. Below, find tips on a fireplace mantel Phoenix experts provide.

In choosing the right mantle, consumers must understand that there are lots of pickings, according to Phoenix, AZ experts. Before choosing one, one must look around the entire room and pick up the theme that\’s going around. Look at the style of the actual fireplace as well. A good example in a country cottage may be to choose one made of a large wood beam that\’s inserted directly into the stone wall above where the fire burns.

Alternatively, a highly ornate one would grace a Victorian-style room. It should be more delicate in design, and very pretty overall. Paint it any color, according to taste, or match it to the baseboards. In the case of modern design, which is associated with simple lines, a beautiful stainless steel mantel would be an incredible choice.

In truth, there is an endless supply of fireplace mantle available. Regardless of size or shape, it can be made with almost any imaginable material. However, it\’s vital to make design choices before choosing one, as it must match the other elements in the room, as well as the hardware of the fireplace, such as the broom, the screen, and so on.

Marble and granite makes another fine choice for this area and this purpose. It could be left unpolished, or polished to an ultimate shine, depending on the local one is aiming for. Basically, the choice depends on the budget at hand, as the bigger the budget, the more options available to the homeowner.

For those working on a smaller budget, solutions can still be had. For example, inheriting a fireplace it\’s not exactly beautiful can be altered quite inexpensively. For example, on the whole, the focal point aspect can be downplayed by painting it out to up color that matches its adjoining walls. Like this, it will fade away rather than stand out.

Once this occurs, the mantle of choice can make it more attractive and become the focal point in the room. It can be dressed up with beautiful sculptures or substantial candles, and topped with a gorgeous frame. Be careful when decorating this area, because it can be tricky to get the right balance going. Formal decor uses symmetry, and is easier to achieve good looks and balance then asymmetrical design options.

Obviously, during the warm months of the year, fires are rarely burning indoors. However, they can still be attractive and draw the attention they require, as by filling them with several large candles of varying heights. Be sure to choose just one color, so it doesn\’t get too busy in the small area. Overall, before making any decision, talk with the experts in the city that can guide you along accordingly and ensure your investment is one that satisfies you.

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