Effective Techniques To Rid Your House Of Rat Populations

Rats can be a chief source of inconvenience in the lives of many individuals. These pests are carriers of lethal pathogens and can contaminate households with their droppings and urine. Moreover, they nibble on anything that they can get their teeth into, causing expensive damage to structures and prized possessions. There are many ways to stop rats from taking up residence in your home.

You can make use of electronic measures for removing them from your house. There are good sonic rat repellents in the market that give out sounds of high frequency to drive away rats. Only rats can hear these sounds and therefore the machines are safe for humans and domestic pets.

Another technique of getting rid of rats is by using organic rat repellents. These include use of small granules or tablets that emit a scent of different animals that eat rats. They can be scattered across the residence, in the backyard, garage and all other places that are inhabited by rats.

You can also make use of moth balls as their powerful smell can act as a good repellent for the rats and ward them off. These can be put at all the corners of the house for better results.

Using mechanical traps, commonly called wooden snap traps, is a method of rat extermination that is still quite popular. They are less costly and quite effective when used with appropriate baits. However, they have to be placed away from kids and household as they can injure them. One major problem with these traps is that they can capture not more than one rat at a time. Yet the benefit of a snap trap is that unlike other rat repellents, they are completely non-toxic.

Glue boards are used to capture rats alive. These are made of cardboard or wood, and sticky glue is applied on their surface. You can also place baits on the surface by scattering some food crumbs to attract the rats. When a rat scuttles across the board for the bait, it gets stuck and later dies from either choking or starvation.

You probably think that it is not a priority for you to administer pest control measures for your home right now. Although you may not be thinking about it now, someday in the future you may be selling your house. No matter how attractive your residence is from the outside, real estate brokers and buyers would steer clear of it if they notice signs of pest infestations. For instance, even you yourself would be unhappy if the house you are planning to acquire is overran with termites. Also, if you are thinking about utilizing your home as a collateral for loan, there is a higher likelihood that the lenders would refuse your loan application if they find pest infestation when they visually inspect your home. You could treat the amount you pay for an expert pest control company to assess the cost and accomplish pest eradication in your home as an investment for the future value of your home.

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