The Basics Of Fencing Lancaster Pa

Fencing is one of the oldest combat arts that emerged in the west especially during the times of war. Of course nowadays, fencing lancaster pa is now a sport that a lot of people participate in because it is both challenging and exciting. Now if one is interested in trying out this sport, then here are some of the basics that one will be learning.

Of course the very first thing that he would learn when he would have his first lesson would be the stance in which he can start the duel. Now this is a flexible stance wherein one may do a lot of moves or combos that will allow him to move. From this stance, he may be able to move around and create openings for himself.

Now to do this stance, all one has to do would be to place his right foot and his right hand at the front with that hand holding the sword. Of course his left foot will be at the back but he has to make sure that he tiptoes it a little bit. Now he has to crouch his body a little bit and bend both legs so that he has some balance.

Now from this position, the very first thing that one would be learning would be the attack or the lunge. Now in order to do this, one will be extending his arm forward in a stabbing position in order to stab the opponent. Of course if one will use a curved sword, he may also do this with a slashing motion but will also be lunging forward.

After he has learned the lunge, then he will learn a basic deceptive move known as the feint. Now the feint is actually a very interesting move as it toys with the minds of the opponents. When one feints, he would be pretending to attack but would actually do this just so that the opponent will be a little bit surprised and tense up.

Now a move that can be used as a offensive hit as well as a defensive tactic would of course be the parry. In order to parry, one just simply has to hit the weapon of the opponent as the opponent attacks. Once he does this, he will be able to grab himself an opening wherein he will be able to strike really fast.

Another basic move that one will be learning would be the disengage. This is a deceptive move wherein one would attack in one single direction and then rotate his wrist in order to attack in another direction. Doing this will make it hard for the opponent to block and will allow one to score a point by hitting the opponent straight in the heart.

So if one would take up some classes, these are some of the moves that he will be learning. Now there are still many things that he will learn but these are the ones that he must master first. Of course in order to move on to the advanced ones, he has to perfect the basics of the art.

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