The Advantages Of Using The Services Offered By Bed Bug Exterminator Columbus Ohio

Once bed bugs have invaded a home, it can be an uphill task to remove them. They are very good at hiding in small crevices where they breed by laying eggs. These eggs can hardly be seen as they are tiny and hidden between mattresses, couches and chairs. These places are difficult to reach and in most cases it ends up to be a waste of efforts when you search for the physical presence of the eggs. But for easy and efficient eradication of such pests, it is advisable that you contact a professional bed bug exterminator Columbus Ohio

Many people never take it serious to enhance bed bugs prevention measures until they suffer from the effects of these insects. Their bites are very painful, and they cause reddening and spots at the point of bite. Their saliva has a chemical that causes your skin to itch. They have painkilling and an anti-coagulant saliva. This gives them the opportunity to suck your blood comfortably without your knowledge from your blood veins. Just like mosquitoes, they are attracted to the human presence through concentration of cordon dioxide, warmth and sweating.

The bites are usually in a series of bites along a path of blood veins. This may be due to disturbance by the hosts movement making the pest shift positions. After feeding, this pest can stay for long before appearing again for the next feeding; it may take a whole day or night.

During the initial stages of infestation, the bites are minimal-once per week or thrice. But when the bites increase to almost three bites a day, then the pests have bred into hundreds in your house, and each wants to take a bite.

Contacting a professional who is experienced in pest control can help identify unsuspecting areas where these pests hide; seams of mattresses, bottom edges of box springs, behind headboards and framed pictures, under dressers or nightstands, inside drawers and in closet corners. The pests are known to assemble in a large number beneath and at the edges of the carpet, behind wall open wall switches or beneath objects placed on the floor for long.

Their waste is easier to spot than the pests themselves. Thus one may find black spots on most of their common hiding places where they have excreted. Other signs of their presence include dead bugs and their tiny eggs. A competent exterminator can help you in identifying all possible hiding places and eradicate them through various mutually agreeable options.

One of the common means of eradication includes use of professional grade pesticide that kill all adult bed bugs in their dwelling places as well as their eggs and larvae. Pesticides sold to common customers are not effective enough as those used by professionals. Low odor sprays and dust pesticides are also used to treat the entire home. These pesticides are well tested and proven to be effective in complete pest eradication.

It is very important you understand that, some of the mostly used chemicals to spray these pests are hazardous to live. You should be very care full when you are spraying them in the kitchen as you can contaminate the food. You should learn safe spray of the chemicals to avoid creating health complications to life.

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