Specially Designed Raised Computer Floors Protect Vital Equipment

You may have noticed the special flooring that is under the massive number of computers setting in the computer room at work. These are designed for a specific purpose. This type of flooring is too expensive to install in just any room, however, the computers, and the data they hold is much more important than other things in other rooms. That is why the raised computer floors are critical for them.

Computers deal with a lot of data and the ones in most commercial applications deal with a lot more. This data is used for everything from marketing, storage, client relations, or even the service the company provides to their clients. As such it is vital this data stays safe. The floors, believe it or not, help do this.

Heat is a very dangerous thing for computers. They can slow down and even stop working, or stop working properly. This means they will not produce the results they are capable of. This also means, when it gets hot enough, they will stop and the vast majority of the data, stored on them, will be lost.

What makes these floors so special is the way they are set up. They are raised from the standard sub floor by about one to three feet. This spaces allows the trunk lines that carry the data from point to point and all electrical connectors to be placed in here. The panels that make up the floor you walk on are perforated to permit airflow from one space to another. The chillers, located in another room, will be run through this space to keep all of the electronics cool.

These panels are setting on stanchions, mounted to the sub floor. Each panel has a socket on each corner that fit over a post on the stanchion. This holds them as firm as possible but will still allow them to be removed as necessary for maintenance or cleaning. Each panel is created for that particular place in the room.

When the floor was originally installed, a lot of engineering went into the design. The entire room is measured, the exact center of that room is marked and stanchions begin to be installed. Each panel is trimmed to fit exactly. If more than a few panels are removed at one time, the swaying that can occur could mean danger for the rest of the floor. Maintenance or cleaning personnel who enter this space try hard to ensure this does not happen.

One of the most often performed tasks under these floors is the cleaning. This is done by specially trained personnel who have specific procedures for this. They will lift one panel, with a special tool that is inserted into a perforation. They do the cleaning with vacuum wands and or special cloths.

Since the computer room, when one is needed, is where all of the money is made for the company, these floors are very critical in keeping the data, stored in the computers, safe. This is not a job for just any construction company. They must have the training, the engineers and the experience to do this for you. The cleaning must be performed by professionals who deal with controlled environments as well.

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