Preventative Lifestyle Medicine For Healthier Longer Life

One of the unfortunate aspects of life is illnesses. Some illnesses come about as a result of poor life choices. Others are just natural occurrences that are related to unavoidable factors such as aging or genetics. Regardless of the root cause though preventative lifestyle medicine can help people to avoid many of the illnesses that they face.

A large number of illnesses can be avoided with this approach to health care. This ultimately results in a longer life expectancy for those who adopt this type of care. It also means a better quality of life.

A part of this healthy routine may be the use of medicine that will help the body to stave off illnesses. Doctors who want to help their patients stave off illnesses will first start with a complete evaluation of the patient\’s genetic as well as physical predisposition to a condition. After recognizing that an ailment is likely to affect the person in the future, the doctor will act by recommending the drugs.

Some, doctors, for instance, upon recognizing that their patient may be a prime candidate for a heart attack may prescribe drugs such as aspirin to prevent the ailment. Aspirin is one of the many over the counter illness preventing drugs available. Its value for the prevention of heart attacks lies in the fact that it is also a blood thinner. This means that it helps to keep the blood flowing smoothly and effortlessly through veins and arteries.

In addition to suggesting and prescribing certain drugs, doctors and health care providers such as nurses also administer some of these prevention medicine. These are known as vaccines. Each year millions of children around the world are vaccinated against a number of conditions including, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and the Whooping Cough.

Even though vaccines are often associated with children, adults get vaccinated too. Each year, for example, millions of people around the world line up for their flu vaccines as the season for the illness rolls around. This is necessary every year because new versions of the flu emerge each year. The old vaccines are unable to defend the body against the new strains of the flu and so each year, scientists develop new flu vaccines.

The recently developed HPV vaccine is being administered to women and girls around the world in an effort to control and prevent the incidents of cervical cancer. This vaccine works by helping the body to resist certain strains of the Human Papillomavirus. The types of HPV that the vaccine targets are among those that cause the life threatening disease Cervical Cancer.

It is important to think and plan ahead as these are the principles that guide a successful life. This approach should also be taken to your health especially in light of the fact that a healthier you is essentially a more productive you. Consider using a medicinal approach to preventing the onset of illnesses in your life.

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