Planning To Have One Of The Beautiful Patios Nantucket Prepares All On One Pallet

A patio is built for the purpose of enjoying outdoor dining picnic style. It is part of your back yard or the side yard of a home. It can be concrete, brick or pavers. Purchasing a kit to install one of these patios Nantucket offers, with everything included is a convenient way to construct one. Homeowners and construction companies alike favor these.

A paving slab is one type and might be made of stone or concrete. Concrete is less expensive. You may be thinking of the plain gray concrete slab, but things have changed. Now you can have the look of stone, brick or even marble by treating the concrete in different ways.

A patio can also be made of brick, block paving, tile or cobblestones. Pavers are packaged for convenience. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. The finished shape can be square. It can form a rectangle when two kits are put together. This gives double the space for parties.

A patio may be poured in any shape or size using concrete as the material. Wooden forms are used to set the shape. After that, the wet concrete is poured and the wooden forms hold it in place until it dries. A few days later, the forms are removed.

In addition to the many colors available to add to the concrete as it is mixed, small pebbles are sometimes used to change the texture. It is important to have a professional set the pitch of the surface. This is done in a way to ensure that the water runs off the surface after a rain.

If not done correctly, the water will sit in unsightly puddles on the surface. This is not only inconvenient for those who walk over it, but, over time the concrete will be damaged. Adjustments are made using the forms to make sure the pitch is correct.

Some fancy finishes are added to the surface while the concrete is still wet. Plastic forms are laid across the wet concrete. Then a complementary color is brushed over the surface. This will result in a pattern created by the shape of the plastic forms.

This must be done quickly. After brushing on the powdered color, the plastic must be removed just as quickly. The timing should be gauged by an expert. Enough workers should be on hand to do the application and removal in a timely fashion. This surface is called stamped concrete.

Acid staining is another method used for a fancy finish. The concrete may also be etched. Finally, a protective film can be painted on to keep the weather from harming it. Concrete expands and contracts in response to hot and cold extreme weather conditions.

With all these possibilities, and more, the patio might be made to look like the brick on the house. It can be the color of wooden trim that frames the windows and matches the doors. It can be a design that is distinctively yours in any shape from a figure eight to a heart. Adding the texture and color that embellishes your yard, it can add value to the price of your home sometime in the future.

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