Mold Removal Tips And Tricks

Molds are like everywhere. They can be in your favorite bathtub or your precious ceramics. Virtually anywhere wherein moisture exist. They have a strange way of reproducing too. They throw up their spores into the air and starts growing into a surface where it is suitable for a mold life to developed.

Sometimes, they can be very harmful. Some city have these companies specializing in getting rid of this fungus like mold removal Stratford. Molds produces a poisonous substance called mycotoxins. Having a lot of them in you surroundings can be a risk. Fortunately, there are some methods you might want to try in order for you to start removing these annoying fungus.

Anyway, if you want to get rid of this fungus as soon as possible with chemicals you can find at home, bleach is a good way to start. Bleach is effective in removing fungus specially molds that are in your bathtubs or tiles. One drawback of using it is that it is not effective when it comes to porous materials such as wooden furniture where in molds can penetrate into it. Putting a bleach on these kinds of surface can only remove the fungus on top but the roots will stay beneath which makes it to regrew.

Before bleaching out the molds, you have to make sure that the air in the room can move out freely because it does have a harsh fumes. Putting a mask on and a gloves are a perfect equipment for this procedure to ensure you are safe. Once everything is set, blend one gallon of water per one cup of bleach.

In your most convenient way, you can perform the bleaching either by directly spraying it with a spray bottle or dabbing it with a cloth. Anything material that you can think of that you think will work. After bleaching, just leave it and let it dry.

If you prefer another way that does not emit chemicals or fumes, borax can be a great fit for you. This cleaning product is commonly used in cleaning toilets. Putting a bit of water into it, and it can turn into a great solution in removing molds.

What you have to do is get a scrubber, wet the surface that you want to scrub the mold off and let it dry. You also need to assure that any particles of molds are wiped out from the surface. You can simply wipe it out with a piece of dry cloth.

The cheapest and the safest of all the solution, is the good old vinegar. This mild acid as we all know is none toxic and does not emit fumes. So if you are very conscious about your safety and for those around you, then you can go for this natural solution.

Anyway, if your furniture is still mold free, please make sure that you keep them away from a possible source of moisture to maintain its beauty. Furniture and ceramics nowadays are very expensive and keeping it as fungi free as possible will help them to last. But if it still appears, then you might want to consider trying the home made procedures or call somebody to do it for you.

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