Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair Will Help

You checked the heat pump before turning it on and all seemed fine but now that it is running, something just does not seem right. Either it is blowing warm air or there are strange smells coming from the vents, or the compressor is constantly running. You need a professional that is insured and licensed like Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair Will Help.

There are warning signs pointing to the need for professional assistance. No matter how diligent you have been in performing yearly maintenance, there still may be the occasion when you need a licensed and insured expert.

One thing to pay attention to is how often the unit is turning off and on. More than usual, or running constantly means there will be too much wear which can result in having to replace the compressor. It could be a result of the cold air leaking out of the house or the thermostat is not working properly.

If warm air instead of cool is blowing from the vents it could be one of two, or a combination of two easy fixes. Check the thermostat to make certain it is set on the cooling mode. Also, check the air filter and replace it if is clogged. Hopefully, these steps will take care of the issue but if not, call the professionals because it is probably a malfunctioning compressor.

Strange smells from the unit requires immediate attention also. A musty odor can mean there is biological growth inside the ducts or unit, which can lead to serious health issues. If the smell is electrical, it means the wiring or insulation is getting over heated.

If the air blowing inside is not cold or not as cool as you recall it being, you might need more Freon or a new compressor. Hopefully, it is the Freon, but either way, you need the experts to check and repair the unit.

If you notice your home is not being cooled evenly, as in one room or area may be warmer or colder than the rest of the house, it could mean something has fallen into and gotten stuck in the vents. It could also be the compressor is breaking down.

To prolong the life of your cooling system and reduce on the number of repair calls, you can perform some yearly maintenance. Things as simple as cleaning inside the unit, straightening and washing the fins inside, and cleaning the area around the outside of the unit of all leaves, branches, and vegetation will extend your units life.

Even if you do follow through on the general maintenance, watch for these other signs. These are strange smells from the vents, uneven cooling of the area, no cooling at all, and the unit turning off and off or running constantly. If any of these issues arise, do not hesitate finding a properly licensed and insured professional to inspect the unit.

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