Improve Your Air Safety Level With Radon Testing

Is a gas that is said to be radioactive which is mainly found in some homestead in most parts of united state. The source of this of gas is presence of uranium found in soil as a result of natural breakdown. Uranium can also be found in water that we drink and rocks and this chemical then absorbed in the atmosphere and people breathe since it mixes with air. Radon testing is very important to be done especially if one is moving to a new place or resident.

Children are at a higher risk of contracting cancer if exposed to such a gas. This is so because children respiration rate is very high and the children cells are still dividing. The chemical has no odor, neither does it have any taste making it very difficult to notice its presence. When you inhale air containing uranium you expose yourself to diseases such as cancer. Radon is rated the second highest cause of cancer in Canada and united state.

Carrying out test on your resident is the only sure way to know if your residence has radon and in what quantities. Many states government are advising all homes that are below third floor to be tested for this gas. If there are high level of uranium in your dwelling place, one should not be scared as the levels can be regulated using simple techniques such as increasing your home ventilation to get rid of air coming from underneath.

Experts recommend people who are selling their homes to first carry out a test to determine their radon levels and then put it on market for sale. If the levels are high then make sure you reduce the uranium levels before you sell. The seller is then advised to record and save the results from the test including the steps followed during testing process.

Radon is not reactive and this makes it less noticeable, it is the heaviest gas known and its density is greater than that of air. It exist as an atom and this makes it permeable to almost all materials like plastics, paper, leather, gypsum boards, most paint, concrete block, wooden panel, mortars and other insulation materials.

The gas has a few uses, and it can be utilized in spas for medical purposes, it can also be used to act as a catalyst for chemical reactions and also can be utilized for labeling of surfaces during surface reaction study. Testing is advisable as it is the sure way of knowing if your home has radon and in what levels. Since the gas does not have any immediate symptoms to alert someone of its presence.

There are several steps that are observed when testing your home. First get the necessary tools required for testing. Second lock down all your doors, windows and other possible ventilation s in your house for around twelve hours before starting to test, this is to get accurate air sample.

The process of testing starts with the owner of the house collecting the right tools for testing, then making sure you close all the doors, ventilation holes and windows of your house, then opening the rids of your vials to let in air.

Wait for around twelve hours then close your vials tightly, fill up the information card given by the manufacturer and send the vials and the card to a laboratory. Wait for the results which the laboratory can send to you through your email or any other means of delivery available.

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