Improve Structural Integrity Of Chimneys With A Chimney Sweep Alexandria VA Technician

Regular cleaning of chimneys will help enhance their efficiency, reduce smoke buildup inside a house, and prolong the life of the structure. It requires the skill of a chimney sweep Alexandria VA technician to be able to remove all the debris and dirt inside the flue. Using the right tools will ensure that you remove the soot, creosote, and dust effectively. The job is quite messy with exposure to debris, dust, and hard-to-access areas.

Climbing up the smoke flue is something that needs technicians to handle that because an inexperienced person may slip and fall. Some of the chimneys clean up equipments and tools of the trade include brushes. The brushes designed to remove soot and creosote are specially designed for that task. These brushes are different from other forms of brushes you will finish in homes or business areas.

As creosote builds up, any stray spark or ember could ignite the substance thus leading to chimney fire. Similarly, the high temperatures in chimneys could trigger fires from creosote. If fires occur frequently on chimneys, they could damage the mortar and bricks thus creating cracks and openings that allow smoke and gases to spread to other areas such as the attic.

When it is allowed to build up in sufficient amounts, it could result to fires. With the high temperatures in flues, they may trigger fires from creosote. In addition, embers of burning wood could fly up with the smoke, and if they manage to reach the upper areas of chimneys, they can trigger fires.

The formation of creosote is something inevitable. No matter how cautious you are when using your chimneys, creosote will eventually form. However, there are ways in which you can minimize this problem. You can burn seasoned or dry wood instead of using the wet unseasoned logs that encourage formation of the shiny tar like substance on walls of flues.

Because not all debris is removed by brushes, chemicals are applied. The chemical soot removers or creosote cleaners are made to break up the hardened substances for easy removal. Not all chemicals can be used for this task as some can be harmful and could trigger explosions. Technicians should understand the safe use of chemicals in this job.

To climb to the roof and reach down the stack to the vent, technicians need to use ladders. Climbing surfaces using ladders is an activity that should only be left to the trained people. There are risks of using ladders in climbing the roof areas of buildings. Since chimneys cannot be cleaned effectively without working them from above, you should ensure that the contractors have those ladders, and the appropriate tools and chemicals.

During the cleanup, dust and other particles are released from vents. Your furniture needs to be protected from such dust particles. Use of a drop cloth to cover the entrance or inlet of flue is needed. To help in extracting the particles of dust and soot that are removed from the surfaces, a high efficiency vacuum machine is needed.

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